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Victoria Police Boost Anti-Speeding Arsenal with New Handheld Laser Devices

Kustom Signals Shows Officer Appreciation and Competes at the Great Lenexa BBQ Battle

Posted: Thursday - 6.27.2013 @ 4:45pm

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Officer Appreciation Reception on Friday evening, June 21, 2013.

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Kustom In-Car Video Provides Important Testimony

The Florida Law Enforcement Liaison (LEL) Gives Kustom Equipment to Officers

Posted: Friday - 5.24.2013 @ 10:25am

Kustom Signal's speed equipment given to reward exceptional traffic safety programs in the State of Florida.

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Speed Trailer Success

Contour Helps Clean up Japanese Tsunami

Posted: Tuesday - 7.31.2012 @ 12:54pm

As scientists and researchers piece together the damage done by the worst national disaster in Japanese history, Kustom Signal’s Contour product is able to help.

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