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Eyewitness HD

Eyewitness Vantage

Body-Worn Video

Vantage offers true HD video, excellent low light recording and wireless file transfer to Kustom’s new Eyewitness HD in-car system. The versatile and robust Vantage tells the whole story from the officer’s perspective.

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Yardarm Holster Aware

Eyewitness Data Vault & EDV lite

Digital Asset management system

Eyewitness Data Vault is a powerful digital video management solution that automatically and securely manages digital assets locally or across a network. It is configurable and scalable to fit virtually any environment. EDV lite is the ideal solution for smaller agencies utilizing manual file transfer.

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G3 Vision


Body worn video

VieVu wearable video cameras reduce false claims, court time, cost of internal affairs investigations and settlements. Protect officers’ reputations and increase conviction rates with VieVu.

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Road Warrior

Digital Eyewitness Media Manager

Video file management

Increase agency efficiency with DEMM by capturing evidence in virtually any form from any source. DEMM allows you to securely manage your data with an automatic workflow and file management system.

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Expanse DSS