The Latest Police Smart Tech Being Used to Measure Body Temperatures During COVID-19

From cameras to wearables, police agencies across the globe have started using smart devices to scan people’s temperature, and here are some examples of the latest innovations...

Thermal screening is considered as one of the options to identify COVID-19 patients, with the technology being particularly useful in restarting the economy and ensuring the safe movement of people in public places. 

From cameras to wearables, police agencies across the globe have started using smart devices to scan people’s temperature, and here are some examples of the latest innovations:

Dubai’s Smart Glasses

Police officers in Dubai are using smart glasses to measure the temperatures of public transportation users in a secure way. The smart technology is the first in the region specifically developed to identify people who might be infected with Covid-19.

The Rokid T1 integrates both thermal imaging technology and artificial intelligence, and can identify faces and send related information directly to the operations room.

Brigadier General Obaid Al-Hathboor, Director of Dubai’s Transportation Security Department, has stated that the glasses can detect body temperature at 6 feet (2 meters) distance, and can read body temperature of 100 people per minute.

The promotional video shown above also highlights that this technology can also be utilized in shopping malls, airports or offices.

 Chinese Police’s Futuristic Helmets 

Smart Helmet China

Police officers in China are now using smart helmets equipped with AI-powered infrared cameras to detect high body temperatures in crowds.

Developed by Shenzhen technology company, Kuang-chi, the smart helmet looks like a motorcycle helmet and can automatically pinpoint a person running a fever within a 16 feet (5 meter) radius.

“It has an eight-hour standby time and is safer and more effective than a handheld thermometer,” said Liu Tao, an epidemic prevention and control officer in Sichuan’s provincial capital.

Whilst the device will not replace hand-held thermometers remain the priority method on a one-to-one person basis, the smart helmet can identify and record the body temperature of at least 100 people in less than two minutes. When it detects any person with a body temperature above 100.4 F (37.3 C), alarms are triggered.

The helmet is also equipped with facial-recognition technology and can display the pedestrian’s personal information, such as their name, on a virtual screen inside. The futuristic devices are now also deployed in Italy and Dubai. 

India’s Smart Cameras 

Indian thermal cameras

A Gurgao-based start-up, Staqu, is currently working with eight State and Union Territory police forces in India, to help them in AI-powered policing to reduce the risk of Coronavirus spread.

The company has launched a new thermal camera under its video analytics platform, JARVIS, which will create an alert when identifying anyone with a body temperature of above 100.4 F (37°C). The technology examines heat signatures directly through the cameras, enabling authorities to identify and further inspect suspected virus carriers.

The camera has a range of up to 100 meters and can identify multiple people at the same time. The technology is functional and also effective in scanning crowded places such as airports, railway stations, and malls.

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