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Our History

From rock star roots to leaders in speed enforcement and safety

Our History


Kustom Signals has a long testimony of innovative accomplishments and industry firsts. We introduced the first digital readout radar, the industry’s first moving radar, and the first hand-held option. In 1979, we introduced an instant-on function that added to an officer’s ability to track speeds on compulsion and, in 2008, we introduced the Raptor, the first two-piece radar with graphical display, target tracking bar and Dura Trak™.  

An avionics division began in 1979 and was sold in 1984, but not before designing the “space radar” used by NASA to measure speed and distance of objects in space.

By the late 80’s we were offering officers the added security of in-car video surveillance options and continue to invest significant resources to upgrade our video technology and to remain an innovative front runner. We have lead the industry by providing the first digital in-car video that offered multiple compression and file transfer options (2004), the first to offer dual control for MDC and a dedicated controller (2004), the first four-camera solution (2010), and the first digital in-car video system utilizing Windows Internet Explorer as the primary user interface (2010).

As speed enforcement technology progressed, we continued our history of being cutting edge and reliable. 1990 was a year full of firsts for Kustom Signals in laser advancements: The first heads-up display, the first LIDAR (Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging) with continuous tracking history, and the first with a settable range.

In 2006, we introduced the first binocular style speed enforcement laser weighing only 19 ounces. 2011 brought the rock star of industry recognition, the Innovation Award, for our ProLaser 4.

Our History