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Eyewitness HD

In-Car Video in HD

Eyewitness HD Eyewitness HD Eyewitness HD Eyewitness HD

Eyewitness HD

In-Car Video in HD

Eyewitness HD offers a 7” tablet with intuitive touch screen controller making for clean, easy interaction. The system will also interface with your MDC as an alternative, or in addition to the tablet. The MDC interface includes a convenient, compact control box that supports critical system controls in the event your MDC malfunctions or is simply removed from the vehicle. The tablet and MDC user interfaces are essentially identical allowing officers to switch from one to the other in a mixed fleet scenario without missing a beat.

EyewitnessHD supports true HD (1080p) 16:9 widescreen video and allows the user to see and control up to 3 live camera views simultaneously. With a simple touch, switch any camera’s view to the main video window. Individual cameras can also be easily selected manually to record. The unique tablet display eliminates any confusion about which cameras are recording.

Numerous automatic record triggers are also included, and each trigger can be configured to meet individual agency needs. For example, a light bar activation may activate only the front camera, while a crash activation may activate all cameras. All cameras include up to 30 seconds of pre-event recording.

Integration with Body-Worn Video

Eyewitness HD integrates with Eyewitness Vantage body-worn video camera to establish an association between files recorded by both systems, saving you time when searching for these files in the back office. In the car, this integration means in-car video recordings will trigger body camera recordings and vice versa, as well as supporting wireless file transfer from the body camera to the ICV media. With wireless file transfer from the body camera to Eyewitness HD, officers may never have to remove the camera again for file transfers. This saves time and congestion in the station at shift-change as everything transfers together from the ICV to the back office database. Once files are in the database, this association also allows the body camera video to be played side-by-side with the in-car video, giving a more complete perspective of the event.

File Management

Eyewitness HD files are managed using Kustom’s powerful database software: Eyewitness Data Vault (EDV). Using EDV allows agencies with older digital Kustom ICV systems to upgrade to Eyewitness HD in phases if their budgets won’t support a complete fleet upgrade - EDV supports all Kustom digital video systems. The scalable features allow you to pay as you grow!

Take a closer look at the Eyewitness HD tablet display by clicking here. 

Capture the facts, protect officers and convict with the new Eyewitness HD.

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