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ProLaser III

The Benchmark in Laser Speed Enforcement

ProLaser III ProLaser III ProLaser III ProLaser III

ProLaser III

The Benchmark in Laser Speed Enforcement

The ProLaser III delivers high performance with easy roadside use.  The first traffic laser with poor weather mode, allowing for improved performance in fog, rain, snow, and dust.  The rugged aluminum housing and rubber bumpers protect the unit from damage. The ProLaser III is powered by a corded 12 VDC handle or optional long-life battery pack and backlit LCD for night time operations.


Key Features:

• Target specific identification
• Continuous tracking history
• Simple push button user interface
• LCD Active Matrix graphical display
• Side-by-side lenses for superb balance
• Selectable direction mode
• Full protection against water and dust: IP67 and NEMA 6 compliant

motorcycle Mounting Kits

There are a series of mounting kits available for the ProLaser III.

Mounting kits catalog

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ProLaser III


• Coiled power cord
• Additional battery packs
• PC to Laser interface cable
• LaserStat traffic statistical Windows-based software
• Lockable motorcycle holsters for multiple models
• Rugged hard case or waterproof soft case
• Tripod

Operator's Manual

Kustom Signals, Inc. Operator Manuals are copyrighted materials and are protected from illegal reproduction, internet publication or posting and/or unwarranted distribution. Our speed enforcement product manuals require a password that can be obtained by contacting TSS at 1-800-835-0156 Option 1; Option 4. Access to these files is at the discretion of Kustom Signals and will only be provided to verifiable product users. Please note: Kustom Signals is in the business of promoting public safety by reducing speeding with our RADAR, LIDAR and Speed Awareness Products. It is the policy of Kustom Signals to not discuss any information with the general public concerning the general operation of our RADAR and LIDAR based speed measuring products or any specific traffic situations and scenarios. 

ProLaser III Opertor's Manual