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Document the facts behind your speed enforcement

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Document the facts behind your speed enforcement

The ProLog video laser back office enables any agency to easily manage their laser video evidence by securely storing each video, image, and metadata generated by their LaserCam 4, PLVideo and their ProLaser 4 Events data.  Scalable upgrades to ProLog include ProLog Standard or ProLog Standard Client which add multiple device support, administrative reporting and networking capabilities to a database. ProLog reports incorporate useful tools such as speed versus time tracking history graph.

ProLog Lite

  • Application and device configuration
  • Data download from multiple devices
  • Ability to search and edit records
  • Create evidence reports
  • Case management
  • Track single device by GPS
  • Print and save records
  • For use on stand-alone PC

ProLog Standard

Provides all of the functionality of Lite plus:

  • Export recorded data into multiple formats
  • Track and plot multiple devices by GPS
  • Support multiple devices and device types
  • without having to login separately for each device
  • Generate asset transfer history
  • Administration and maintenance of ProLog database
  • For use on networked server where the data resides

ProLog Standard Client

Includes all of ProLog Standard function plus:

  • Manage devices at multiple locations
  • Data storage on a centralized storage server
  • Provides access to data on ProLog Standard server
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