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In-Car Camera Systems

Providing recorded video evidence, in-car camera systems are an essential feature in today’s law enforcement vehicles. Even civilians are increasingly relying upon in-car camera systems to provide a documented record of events in perilous situations.

Argus ICV’s HD Dual View Camera captures both a wide angle and telephoto views simultaneously in 1080p. It also syncs with Argus Body Worn Camera, so a backup team can see what’s happening on the field with its live streaming capabilities. Infrared technology ensures that nothing is missed. The Eyewitness HD in-car camera system provides clear recordings, which can be viewed in the patrol car or securely transferred to the back office. Click ‘View Product’ next to either option below to read further information.

Argus In Car Video

Focused on the mission. Protected by design.
  • In-Car Video System With Crystal Clear Quality
  • Livestreaming and GPS fleet management capabilities
  • Bi-directional activation with Argus BWC

Eyewitness HD

In-Car Video System With Crystal Clear Quality
  • Simple user interface
  • Configurable triggers to start recording
  • Support up to 3 cameras, 2 HD cameras and 1 SD camera

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