LaserCam 4

High-Performance Photo/Video LIDAR

Greater Range to Target

  • The LaserCam 4 with 36x optical zoom delivers irrefutable evidence of your target specific tracking history.
  • Speed and range measurements of all targets are placed on each frame at the time of measurement.
  • Capture the make and model of the vehicle at a much greater range.
  • Target vehicles are captured before drivers see enforcement operations and slow down.
  • The optical zoom and high-resolution rear display enable target tracking history and speed estimations at a greater range. Not available on competitor devices.


Speed display accuracy

+1,-2 km/h (+1,-2 mph) with truncation

Weight w/battery

1.7 kg (3 lbs 12 oz)

Optimum focus distance

From 10 m to 500 m (33 ft to 1,640 ft)


17.3 cm X 10.7 cm X 31.2 cm (6.8” X 4.2” X 12.3”)
Weight w/battery
1.7 kg (3 lbs 12 oz)
17.3 cm X 10.7 cm X 31.2 cm (6.8” X 4.2” X 12.3”)
Optimum Focus Distance
From 10 m to 500 m (33 ft to 1,640 ft)
Speed Display Accuracy
+1,-2 km/h (+1,-2 mph) with truncation
Speed Range
16 km/h to 320 km/h (10 mph to 200 mph), 0 minimum speed optional
Minimum Measurement Distance
3 m (10 ft)
Maximum Measurement Distance
Up to 2.4 km (up to 8,000 ft)
Target Acquisition Time
0.33 seconds
Battery Life
11+ hours (typical)
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When photo evidence just isn't enough

The LaserCam 4 is our fourth generation handheld video LIDAR. Powered by the ProLaser® 4 for superior performance, LaserCam 4 offers a greater range to target, faster acquisition time, image resolution of plates at longer distances, and a comprehensive video record of speed enforcement and tracking history.

With patented features including AutoTrak™, LaserCam 4 continually zooms with target tracking, optimizing target-specific speed measurements and simplifying the user experience. The result is irrefutable video evidence confirming every Speed Enforcement citation with the capability to record seatbelt or mobile phone infractions. AutoTrak™ menu choices offer post-recording zoom options for tracking the next target. This allows the user to select their preference or to program a custom zoom selection. The camera will then return to the desired zoom level for efficient and continued operations.

Our LaserCam 4 can wirelessly print from a wireless printer for roadside citations. User-selected snapshots with on-screen data are easily printed with one or two images per citation with GPS coordinates, serial number, operator ID, and date and time stamp.

The LaserCam 4 offers the user different camera presets for ambient lighting conditions whether day or night. Automatic mode records only video of targets over a user-determined threshold speed, while manual mode records all video while the trigger is pressed. Range mode captures video of recommended daily HUD alignment and range testing, allowing the user to capture video with range data during accident reconstruction. Video-only mode records videos of any non-speed enforcement event.

The large, high-resolution color display and intuitive, glove-friendly touch screen make the LaserCam 4 simple to operate and the large display and easy-to-navigate menus utilize icons for ease of use. The LaserCam 4 supports multiple languages with a simple pull-down menu without the need for factory support to reprogram.

The ergonomic and rugged design makes it a well-balanced, handheld unit with available shoulder stock and tripod mount if preferred. LaserCam 4 can be operated as a corded unit or with batteries.

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  • Photo/Video LIDAR for comprehensive tracking history
  • AutoTrak™: Automatic camera zoom with target tracking eliminates operator error
  • Secure chain of evidence and AES 256 encryption
  • Powered by ProLaser 4 for superior performance
  • Photo & Video recording modes with Audio
  • Up to three posted limits with thresholds to enforce different vehicle classes
  • Wired or Wi-Fi file transfer
  • AES 256 encryption for added security
  • IR torch for superior night-time video or image capture (Optional)
  • Secure internal memory with up to 64 GB video memory options available
  • Long-range optical lens accessory (Optional)


The ProLog™ back office enables any agency to easily manage their video evidence by securely storing each video, image, and metadata generated by their LaserCam 4, PLVideo and their ProLaser 4 Events data. Scalable upgrades to ProLog include ProLog Standard or ProLog Standard Client, which add multiple device support, administrative reporting and networking capabilities to a database. ProLog reports incorporate useful tools such as speed versus time tracking history graphs.

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Some competitive photo LIDAR solutions will measure a target speed and range and then wait to capture an image when the target is within the camera’s ability to see the make and model of the target vehicle. The measurement is then placed on the photo evidence in the back office on an image that was captured much later than when the target was measured. The primary reason for capturing a photo near the operator is due to the inability of the camera to identify the make and model of vehicles at ranges > 500 meters. These solutions also rely on a backup video of the target tracking history that may or may not support the officer’s target tracking history. This competitor’s process has several flaws, which can produce errors in the evidence as well as introduce operator error. One example is moving the LIDAR from one target to a different target vehicle and capturing an image of the new target. When the evidence is processed in the back office, the wrong measurement will be placed on the wrong target image, which will then contradict the backup video evidence.

The Kustom Signals’ LaserCam 4 with 36x optical zoom places the speed and range measurements of all targets on each frame of the evidence at the time the target was measured. For example, when the operator observes a target at 700 meters and measures the target with the LaserCam 4, the evidence produced will include the measurement on the image and video recorded at the time of the incident. Additionally, the LaserCam 4 with 36x optical zoom captures the make and model of the vehicle at a much greater range than the competition, enabling the system to produce better evidence and a complete record of the officer’s target tracking history. There is no manipulation of the images or data in the back office.

One of the most innovative features of the LaserCam 4 is the AutoTrak™ automatic camera zoom. The LaserCam 4 integrates the ProLaser 4® and a Sony block camera with 36x optical zoom. AutoTrak™ automatically changes the camera zoom to optimize the image of the target vehicle. The resulting evidence maintains a consistent image and video of the operator’s target tracking history while eliminating the concern of operator error. All the operator needs to do is point and shoot!

Most competitive photo LIDARs have no optical zoom. Even with a megapixel camera, they cannot identify registration plates, make or model of vehicle as well as the LaserCam 4. The LaserCam 4 captures the target vehicle before the motorist sees enforcement operations and slows down. The competitive units are lucky to capture evidence before the target vehicles hit the brakes. Additionally, the LaserCam 4 optical zoom and high-resolution rear display enable an operator to perform target tracking history and speed estimations at a greater range.

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