Whether in cities, suburban or rural areas, our RADAR speed and messaging trailers are the perfect tools to increase speed awareness and road safety. Law enforcement, construction and school zones, airports and industrial plants can all benefit from these easily deployable devices. Click ‘view product’ to learn more.

SMART 12 Speed Trailer

SMART trailers increase speed awareness and reduce traffic problems in areas of concern.
  • Kustom Signals Directional K-band RADAR
  • 12” high intensity Amber LED display
  • Optional traffic statistics with SMARTstat™ analysis software

SMART 18 Speed Trailer

Our SMART 18 RADAR speed trailers are ideal to use near schools as well as in areas with high rates of accidents.
  • 18” (46 cm) high-intensity amber LED display
  • High and low speed blanking
  • Wireless configuration

SMART 18 HP+ Speed Trailer

Our SMART 18 HP+ speed awareness trailer is designed for maximum visibility and includes a weatherproof storage box for speed signs, equipment and batteries.
  • Only displays speed on approaching target
  • SMARTstat™ data analysis and configuration software
  • 24-hour single cycle on/off timer

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