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Our handheld LIDAR devices offer the best value on the market, also providing innovative features such as ProLaser 4’s Following Too Close (FTC) mode, Certification Management (patented), or the comprehensive video options of the LaserCam 4. At Kustom Signals, we have been manufacturing handheld speed LIDAR since 1990, so your police department can be confident that you can rely on both the product and service quality that you should expect from your trusted technology partner. Click ‘View Product’ next to either handheld option below to read further information.


The ProLaser 4 features a rugged, forward swept pistol grip for outstanding comfort.


LaserCam 4 is our fourth generation handheld video LIDAR. Powered by the ProLaser® 4 for superior performance.

Prolog 2

Our ProLog back office is a storage tool specifically designed to manage your ProLaser 4 and LaserCam 4 recordings.

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