SMART 12 Speed Trailer

Improve Community Relations With Ease

Great In Areas Of Concern

SMART trailers increase speed awareness and reduce traffic problems in areas of concern. Our SMART 12 RADAR speed trailers are ideal to use near schools as well as in areas with high rates of accidents.



SMART 12 RADAR Display Trailer

Trailer Dimensions

52” W x 90” L x 48” H (posted sign down for transport)
52”W x 48” L x 72” H (posted sign deployed, tongue removed)

Weight w/ 1 battery

~ 425 lbs. (no other accessories installed)


12” Amber LED display with 2 ½ digits (leading 1) with vandal resistant Lexan® clear display window
Speed Sign
MUTCD compliant 18" x 24" sign with interchangeable placards from 5 to 75
One (1) 80 Amp-hour Group 24 marine battery and 8 amp charger. (2nd battery optional w/ upgrade to 20 amp charger)
50 W solar (optional)
8" wheels with ST rated 4.8-8 tires. 1 locking lug each wheel
Secure Enclosure
13" x 14.3" x 37.5" locking enclosure for up to two (2) batteries, battery charger and storage
2" square steel tubing, 11 gauge, welded construction
4 retractable/adjustable stabilizer jacks
Rust-resistant undercoat with graffiti-resistant powder coat finish
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Keeping your streets safe without effort

Our highly visible SMART 12 speed awareness trailer features 12-inch characters with a 2 ½ digit display capable of displaying speeds up to 199km/h. The amber LED display includes a flashing character overspeed violator alert and multiple options including solar power, an additional battery, traffic statistics with SMARTstat™ analysis software and red/blue, blue/blue or white/white strobe violator alerts.

Our lightweight SMART 12 uses Kustom Signals’ K-band directional RADAR and can be easily deployed. It also includes a 5-year warranty which covers all trailer electronics including the display, RADAR and the optional solar or traffic statistics features. The SMART 12 will operate continuously for up to 7 days with one battery, while an optional second battery and 50W solar panel can be added for extended operation.

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Key Features

  • 12” high-intensity Amber LED display
  • MUTCD compliant speed limit sign with interchangeable numbers from 5 to 75
  • Secure battery enclosure
  • Flashing digits overspeed violator alert
  • Wireless configuration
  • Optional traffic statistics with SMARTstat™ analysis software
  • 18" x 24" posted speed limit sign
  • Push button on/off switch
  • Ambient light sensor for automatic display brightness adjustment
  • 8" wheels with ST rated tires and one locking lug each
  • One (1) 80 Amp-hour Group 24 Marine battery (2nd battery optional)
  • Integrated smart battery charger
  • AC outlet for charging battery
  • 24 hour on/off timer
  • High/low speed blanking
  • Battery level indicator in LED display

Optional Features

  • Traffic statistics with SMARTstat™ analysis software
  • Red/blue, blue/blue, red/red, or white/white overspeed violator strobes
  • Trailer cover
  • LED lights upgrade
  • 2nd 80 Amp-hour Group 24 marine battery with 20A charger upgrade
  • 50 W solar panel
  • Spare tire
  • Galvanized wheels upgrade
  • Cable wheel lock
  • 2" ball hitch lock

SMART 12 Speed Trailer
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