ProLog Video Laser Back Office

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Securely Store All Assets

Our ProLog back office is a storage tool specifically designed to manage your ProLaser 4 and LaserCam 4 recordings, ensuring all of your evidence can be managed with ease.

ProLog Standard

  • Provides all of the functionality of Lite, plus:
  • Export recorded data into multiple formats
  • Track and plot multiple devices by GPS
  • Support multiple devices and device types without having to log in separately for each device
  • Generate asset transfer history
  • Administration and maintenance of ProLog database
  • For use on a networked server where the data resides

ProLog Standard Client

  • Includes all of ProLog Standard features, plus:
  • Manage devices at multiple locations
  • Data storage on a centralized storage server
  • Provides access to data on ProLog Standard server

All Your Evidence In One Place

Our ProLog video LASER back office enables any agency to easily manage their laser video evidence by securely storing each video, image, and metadata generated by their LaserCam 4 and their ProLaser 4 Events data. Scalable upgrades to ProLog include ProLog Standard or ProLog Standard Client, which add multiple device support, administrative reporting and networking capabilities to a central database. ProLog reports incorporate useful tools such as speed versus time tracking history graphs.


User Management

Ability to add/modify/delete users

Rights Management

Ability to permit or restrict user access to specific functions by assigning each user to predefined user group

Application Configuration

Allows configuration of various options such as Date Time format, Video files path and Unit of Measurement Systems

Police Agency info

Add information about police agency such as Name, Address and Phone
User Management
Ability to add/modify/delete users
Rights Management
Ability to permit or restrict user access to specific functions by assigning each user to predefined user group
Application Configuration
Allows configuration of various options such as date time format, video files path and unit of measurement systems
Police Agency Info
Add information about police agency such as name, address and phone
Device Info
Add information about devices such as Device ID and software version
Device Operators Info
Ability to add/modify/delete operators/officers for each device. Assign officers to specific devices
Download Data From Different Devices
Transfer measured data from device memory to computer and store transferred data into database. For devices with video recording support, this function allows mapping data with video files
Browse And Search Records
Browse stored records. search database by various criteria: date, device, officer, speed, etc.
Review Records
Display recorder data, playback video (play, stop, pause, frame by frame, seek bar, full screen view, create snapshots), show on map, review tracking history graph.
Tracking History Graph
For devices with continuous logging capability, graph with tracking history time vs. speed data is available
Add Additional Info About Records
Add additional information such as Speed limit and Officer ID if those are not recorded by device
Create Evidence Report
Create report based on stored records. Include video screenshots, map and tracking history graph in the report
Print & Save
Print or Save created reports
Export Recorded Data In Various Formats
Export recorded data in various formats Export created reports in Word, Excel and PDF format. Export data in XML format
Case Management
Ability to associate independent records to establish a case file. The case file permits the user to add text information such as offender name and license plate number, to be associated with the case
Track Devices With GPS And Show On Map
Show on map last position of each device with GPS capability
Reports, Analysis And Statistics
Create different reports: · Daily report (list of all recorded data during single day/shift) · Video recordings analysis based on several criteria (number of recordings, total length, average length, group by agency, device or officer) · Graphical device usage statistics (number of recorded data, view per month/day, device, officer or agency) · Speeding violation graphic analysis (per day, day of week, month, quarter, year)
Multiple Devices And Multiple Police Agencies Support
Ability to manage multiple devices. Ability to manage multiple police agencies. Assign devices to police agencies
Device Transfer History
Track device transfers between agencies
Device Configuration
Configure device options such as Language, Maximum video length, GPS settings, Set Date and Time
Localization Support
Multilanguage support. Ability to change Date and Time format
Administration And Maintenance
Update database, backup database and compact database
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  • Application and device configuration
  • Data download from multiple devices
  • Ability to search and edit records
  • Create evidence reports
  • Case management
  • Track single device by GPS
  • Print and save records

ProLog Video Laser Back Office
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