Wireless Speed Sense Module

Now Available For All Kustom Signals Moving RADAR.

Bring Your RADAR Into The Future

With an increasing number of vehicles with no easy access to Vehicle Speed Sensing (VSS), the Wireless VSS Module from Kustom Signals makes it possible to continue using your fleet’s RADAR of choice without losing the benefits of a wired VSS.

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Futureproof Your Fleet

Add Kustom Signals patented TruTrak®
features to your existing RADAR

  • Quickly display patrol and target speeds when exiting HOLD
  • Enables Automatic Mode Switching
  • Eliminates RADAR anomalies like Shadowing, Batching, and Combining

Perfect for Motorcycles

Due to its small size, the Wireless VSS Module is perfect for cruisers as well as motorcycle fleets

Easy Installation

With two simple cables, installation is quicker and easier than traditional in-car RADAR.

Wireless Speed Sense Module
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So simple and so easy. Great that Kustom came up with these. Simplifies radar installation a 1000 times over. Just installed all three in 20 minutes.

Sergeant - Bettendorf, Iowa Police Department

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Fill out the form to contact a local sales representative or to get a quote.