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High Performance handheld LIDAR

Increased user comfort

Designed with the user in mind, the ProLaser 4 features a rugged, forward swept pistol grip for outstanding comfort.

The ProLaser 4’s Hogue grip reduces tension on the wrist of the user, helping to prevent strain or cramp during use. 

No Lost Measurements

New features like Event Recall and Display Lock ensure that you never lose a measurement from an inadvertent trigger pull.

Easy to Power, Lower Cost of Ownership

The ProLaser 4 features three ways to power. 4AA batteries power the unit 40% longer than legacy LASERS, providing more than 30+ hours of typical operation. A USB cable provides corded power from USB or with 12 VDC adapter. ProLaser 4 includes* 8 AA rechargeable batteries and a charger delivering the lowest cost of ownership of any hand held LASER on the market today.

*Configurations may vary by region/country

Clear Visibility Day or night

The ProLaser 4 features a high contrast OLED rear display and head-up display (HUD) to improve visibility during day or night operations.

Four selectable aiming reticles and a selectable range in the head-up display (HUD) will satisfy any user’s preferences.

Following Too Close

Other vehicles following too close is the second most common complaint among drivers.

The ProLaser 4 option for ‘Following Too Close’ (FTC) mode allows the user to accurately track the distance between vehicles on the road. Easy setup makes our FTC less confusing too.

Radar Prolaser 4

Introducing TrafficTrak™

By integrating with TrafficTrak, the ProLaser 4 can wirelessly collect, review, and share traffic data.

Available for Android devices, Traffictrak simplifies traffic data collection with the ProLaser 4 and frees up valuable time.

Document The Facts

The ProLog video laser back office enables any agency to securely manage their laser video evidence. Access your videos, images and metadata generated by the LaserCam 4, PLVideo and ProLaser 4 in one place.



Water- and dust-proof


2.4 lb. with batteries (1.09 kg) 2.3 lb.
without (1.04 kg)

Eye safety

CDRH/FDA Class 1 or 1M IEC60825-1

Profile (H x W x L)

9.8” x 4.3“ x 6.3” (25 cm x 11 cm x 16 cm)

6.3”L x 4.3”W x 9.8”H (16.0 x 10.9 x 24.9 cm)
2.4 lb. with batteries (1.09 kg) 2.3 lb. without (1.04 kg)
Battery Life
30+ hours with typical use (11+ hours, continuous trigger down)
Power Input
4x AA batteries, USB type B, 12 VDC adaptor
Target Range
Up to 8,000 ft. (2,400 m)
Speed Range
10 to 200 MPH (16 to 322 km/h) 0 min speed option
Speed Display Resolution
1 unit of measure
Range Display Resolution
0.1 unit
Range Accuracy
±6 in (±15cm)
Speed Accuracy
+1/-2 mph (+1/-2 km/h, +1/-2 knots)
Target Acquisition Time
0.3 sec



Key Features

Optional Features

ProLaser 4
Quick Access


  • We took the popular forward swept handle of the ProLaser III and made it better. We positioned the trigger at an optimum angle so that continued operation was more comfortable. We balanced the entire laser so the center of gravity remains over the handle for easier operation and minimized fatigue with extended use unlike several top-heavy competitors. We then took something that is very familiar with police officers and designed the ProLaser 4 handle to mimic popular firearm handles. The final touch – we wrap the handle with an interchangeable, off-the-shelf Hogue over-grip.
  • One complaint we heard from customers who loved the ProLaser III was that they sometimes had issues with handle breakage during use. So we designed the ProLaser 4 handle to be more rugged and selected materials that will withstand the daily rigors of police use.

    A second complaint that is common with all LIDAR is that if the trigger is depressed during pursuit, whether in the car seat or when stowing the laser in a holster, that the speed reading could be cleared and lost. So we now offer two solutions to resolve this complaint.  First, we added a display lock which does not allow the display to be cleared. Second, we added Event Recall with memory of every measurement, recorded with a date and time stamp that is viewable from the rear display.

  • The ProLaser 4 includes 8 AA rechargeable batteries (4 primary, 4 spares) and a charging station that cost less than $30 at most retail stores. With more than 500+ charging cycles available per set, most customers will only replace their rechargeable batteries once in ten years of using the ProLaser 4.
  • Yes, each button has dual functions (except Menu.) Each button has a single button press or a press-and-hold function.

I love the new HUD Tracking Alert feature in the ProLaser 4. It’s exactly what we asked you to deliver during our last meeting.

Arthur Jilbert, Victoria Police, Queensland

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