Falcon Marine Speed RADAR

The Reliable Choice For Marine Speed Measurement.

Falcon Marine

If you’re tracking targets on the water, you’ll need a tool that’s designed for the job. Meet the Falcon Marine: the gun specifically designed for tracking moving targets on the water. It can track multiple targets, measure speed in both knots or mph, and display individual readings for approaching, receding, or bi-directional targets.

The Falcon Marine is compatible with all of the available accessories from the Falcon family, including the battery handle, quick charger, carrying case, data logger and printer. It can track any target moving between 4 and 174 knots, with an accuracy ± 1 knot, making it the most accurate tool of its kind.



K-band 24.125 GHz (+/- 100 MHz)

Operating Voltage

Corded: 10 to 16.5V DC,
Cordless: 7.2V DC (nominal)

Beam Width

12° horizontal

Speed Accuracy

Stationary +/- 1 knots (+/- 1 mph)
2.0 lbs. (0.9 kg) with battery handle
Standard Warranty
2 Years
4 to 174 knots (5 to 200 mph)
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  • Directional Doppler RADAR system
  • Displays approaching, receding or both directions
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for tracking multiple targets
  • Supports tracking history after target lock with “Track through lock”
  • Displays fastest target quicker than leading competitor
  • Switch units between knots and mph
  • FCC Type 15 device
  • Long battery life and low transmitted power
  • LCD non-multiplexed display for improved readability in direct sunlight
  • LED backlight for night time operation
  • Simple push button user interface
  • Auto self-test with every locked target
  • Interchangeable accessories with the Talon family including battery handle and pod mount
  • Narrow 12º beam width for improved targeting

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