SMART 18 HP+ Speed Trailer

Keeping your community safe

For Maximum Visibility

SMART trailers increase speed awareness and reduce traffic problems in areas of concern. Our SMART 18 RADAR speed trailers are ideal to use near schools as well as in areas with high rates of accidents.

Reduce speed and improve community presence

Our SMART 18 HP+ speed awareness trailer is designed for maximum visibility, with the 18” high intensity LED display visible up to 1,250 feet. Built to withstand the elements, the SMART 18 includes a weatherproof storage box for speed displays, equipment and batteries. 

Take a look at this video: 18″ RADAR Display Configuration.

The amber LED display includes a flashing character overspeed violator alert and multiple options including solar power, an additional battery and traffic statistics with SMARTstat™ analysis software.

Our lightweight SMART 18 HP+ uses Kustom Signals’ K-band directional RADAR and can be easily deployed. It also includes a 5-year warranty which covers all trailer electronics including the display, RADAR and the optional solar or traffic statistics features. The SMART 18 HP+ can operate continuously for 7 – 10 days with one battery, while an optional second battery and 50W solar panel can be added for extended operation.



SMART 18 HP+ RADAR Display Trailer

Trailer Dimensions

76”L x 66”W x 89” H (no sign)
119”L w/ hitch
39” H transit

Weight W/ 1 Battery

~ 1,365 lbs.


18” Amber LED display with two digits and vandal resistant Lexan® clear display window. Automatic brightness control with ambient light sensor

Posted Speed Limit Sign
MUTCD compliant 24" x 30" sign with interchangeable placards
One (1) 12VDC 90 Amp-hour AGM battery and 35 amp charger.
Up to six batteries total
All wiring is concealed or inside protective conduit
Local area wireless to configure display and download optional traffic computer data
14” wheels with 185R17 automotive tires and one locking lug each wheel
Secure enclosure
36” x 43” x 12” weatherproof, lockable, houses battery and charger
2" square steel tubing, 11 gauge, welded construction four retractable/adjustable stabilizer jacks
Leaf springs
Rust-resistant undercoat with graffiti-resistant powder coat finish
Kustom Signals, Inc. Directional K-band 24.125 GHz.
Horizontal Beamwidth: 12° ± 1°
Target speeds from 1 to 150 mph (1 to 241 km/h)


Key Features

Optional Features

SMART 18 HP+ Speed Trailer
Quick Access


  • MUTCD compliant 12” or 18” highly visible all amber LED displays
  • Multiple configurations for Pole Mount or trailer operations
  • Low Power FCC type 15 Kustom Directional RADAR enables longer run times
  • Key upgrades like violator alerts & traffic stats
  • Easily programmable
  • First, we use Kustom low power Directional Radar which provides longer operation (7 to 10 days typical) on battery/solar and lower power consumption and overall operating costs with AC power.
  • Our most popular options include traffic statistics computer, red LED “SLOW DOWN”, red/blue strobe, white simulated photo strobe violator alerts. We also have a full list of options for security, spare tire & wheel upgrades, solar power and additional batteries for longer deployment times.
  • Trailers and speed displays in general are a force multiplier and a great tool to supplement your traffic enforcement needs. You can expand the presence of your department and increase speed awareness in your community. You can collect traffic data and identify speeding issues, and you can direct enforcement more efficiently. RADAR displays are also a great PR tool for you and your department to communicate with your community.
  • An Autonomous SMART VMS trailer captures more energy than it expends on a daily basis during a 12-month timespan, including the darkest month of the year. This technology capability marks a shift away from the old standard 30-day life signs, where batteries define the useful lifespan of the sign. Ultimately, the Autonomous configuration means the trailer can be deployed 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days a year in all environments with only occasional planned AC charging and battery maintenance.
  • To the environment and those who live in it. With the shift to Autonomous built technology, we provide a product that is not only excellent but environmentally conscious. To this end as we move toward an autonomous architecture, where a greater portion of the sign’s energy is gathered from the sun, which allows battery capacity to be reduced, the lifetime environmental load posed by our signs is similarly reduced.

Our account manager is awesome! She is always nice and gets back to us quickly. Kustom Signals has great products and warranties. All the products are durable and easy for the officers to use.

Amanda Lepage - Town Of Woodworth Police Department

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