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Kustom Signals, Inc. is committed to serving the needs of the Public Safety markets. We provide the highest value to our customers by delivering superior quality products and services, thereby profitably increasing our market leadership.

We strive to be the worldwide leader in speed enforcement, the most trusted provider of video evidence solutions and the recognized leader in customer satisfaction.

  • Empower our team with tools, resources, support and professional growth in a safe and collaborative work environment
  • Strengthen our position as a leader in our industries through innovative solutions
  • Serve the global Public Safety and Traffic Management markets by leveraging our expertise in laser, radar, video, and evidence management technologies

We strive to be the worldwide leader in speed enforcement, the most trusted provider of video evidence solutions and the recognized leader in customer satisfaction. Our history of innovation, commitment to quality, customer loyalty, and focus on service has forged Kustom Signals’ identity, and as a direct result we are serving our third generation of officers.

Kustom Signals has assembled a team of talented, caring individuals and combines their skills with processes that promotes quality work in all that we do. Kustom understands that we’re serving the needs of people everywhere and we go to great lengths to ensure we provide the highest quality in our products and services to the men and women who so diligently serve their communities.

Kustom Signals has a long history of putting customer service above all else. Your safety, the safety of your community, and the success of your safety enforcement program are dependent on Kustom’s reliable, effective, and superior technology.

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57+ Years Of Customer Service


Kustom amps were the preferred choice of musicians across all genres, including Johnny Cash, The Jackson 5, John Fogerty, and Brian Wilson.
Our knowledge of electronics allowed us to branch out into the manufacturing of RADAR and car monitors, paving the way for our service in the design and manufacturing of public safety equipment.


We released our first digital readout RADAR (TR6) in 1970, our first moving RADAR (MR7) in 1972, and our first handheld K-band RADAR (HR-8) in 1975. We also released our first two-window microprocessor-based RADAR (KR-11) in 1975. Our first moving K-band handheld RADAR (HR-12) was released in 1978.
In 1979, we introduced an instant-on function that added to an officer’s ability to track speeds on compulsion. An avionics division began in 1979 and was sold in 1984, but not before designing the “space RADAR” used by NASA to measure the speed and distance of objects in space.


In 1985, we released our first all-direction mode RADAR with Stopwatch Mode (H.A.W.K.).
1988 was a big year for Kustom Signals with the release of the first Speed Monitoring Awareness RADAR Trailer (SMART) and the first patrol car video system with a temperature-controlled vault (Eyewitness).


We released our first ProLaser LIDAR units with Heads-Up-Display, Continuous Tracking History, and Settable Range in 1990.
1992 saw the release of our first in-car video system with auto-zoom, and our first in-car video system with wireless microphone record activation, both Eyewitness.
In 1994, we launched our first three-window time/distance/speed computer (Tracker). We also launched the first Digital Signal Processing Based RADAR with Fastest Vehicle Mode, the first Digital Signal Processing based RADAR with multi-band antennas, and the first Digital Signal Processing based RADAR with wireless remote control – all EAGLE.
In 1996, we released our first Speed Monitoring Trailer with Free-Flow Statistics Method (SMART) and Speed Monitoring Trailer with Violator Alert (SMART).
In 1998, we launched our first Digital Signal Processing based RADAR with TruTrak Speedometer Input (EAGLE) and StealthStat, our first covert, pole-mounted traffic statistics gathering device.
Our first LIDAR with Selectable Environmental Mode (ProLaser III) was released in 1999.


In 2002, we released our first Digital In-Car Video offering multiple recording media options (Digital Eyewitness).
In 2004, we had our first Digital In-Car Video which offered multiple compression options and multiple file transfer options (Eyewitness NXT). We also launched our first In-Car Video offering dual control for MDC and a dedicated controller (Eyewitness NXT).
In 2006, we launched a two-piece RADAR with K-band Planar Array Antenna (Raptor), a binocular style Speed Enforcement Laser (Pro-Lite+) and the first traffic LIDAR to be powered with AA Batteries.
In 2007, we had our first handheld K-band Planar Array Antenna (Falcon HR) and first traffic safety video LIDAR with moving operation (LASERwitness).
In 2008, we released the first two-piece RADAR with a graphical display (Raptor) and the first RADAR with target tracking bar – DuraTrak™ (Raptor).


2010 ushered in the G3 Vision units with our first four-camera Simultaneous Recording Video, and our first Digital In-Car Video System utilizing Windows Internet Explorer as MDC User Interface.
In 2011, we released our first traffic LIDAR with Recalled Events Database and the first traffic LIDAR to be powered by AA, USB, or 12 VDC Power – both ProLaser 4.
In 2013, we had our first Video Laser with AutoTrak™ Automatic Zoom in the LaserCam 4.
In 2015, we released our first In-Car Video with a tablet-like User Interface and the first In-Car Video with a dedicated controller using essentially the same GUI as the MDC Interface – both the Eyewitness HD.
The Eyewitness Vantage came in 2016: our first Body-Worn Camera to offer Pre-Event, GPS, Audio Mute, Bookmarking, Day/Night Mode, and IR LEDs all in one package.


In 2021, we received patents that protect several features in our product portfolio including AutoTrak™, Certification Management, and the popular wireless Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS).
Kustom Signals prides itself on constantly being innovative and keeping up with the ever-evolving world of law enforcement and traffic safety. Our company culture of wanting to meet our customers’ needs has led us to be the first in many areas that are essential to public safety and traffic management.
Contact your local sales representative if you need any more information about our products or services.

Message From The President

On behalf of all Kustom Signals employees, I would like to welcome you to the Kustom Signals website.

Through years of strong support and product performance for the law enforcement market, Kustom Signals has built a reputation as an outstanding product provider that prides itself on designing, delivering and servicing reliable and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Kustom Signals was founded in 1965 on one primary principle – serving the customer. Kustom Signals connects our product technology with Law Enforcement’s mission. We closely collaborate with our customers to fully understand their challenges.

At Kustom Signals, we adhere to the highest ethical standards when conducting business whether you are a customer, employee or partner. You will find integrity, commitment and excellence doing business with Kustom Signals. Commitment to our core values and mission/vision remains stronger than ever.

As you explore our website and learn more about Kustom Signals, I hope you will consider becoming a part of our company – whether as a customer, partner or employee.

Chris Abel – President

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Kustom Signals was awarded a Cooperative Purchasing Master Agreement (Number 00218) for Police RADAR/LIDAR Speed Enforcement & Speed Advisory Systems, Parts and Accessories. This contract was issued on February 20, 2019. If your State would like to participate in this cooperative agreement, please contact us.

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