Directional Talon

High-Performance Directional Ka-Band RADAR

State-Of-The-Art Speed Measuring

Offering a reliable Doppler RADAR system, easy-to-use operation and a comprehensive display and indicators, the Directional Talon is a favorite in police handheld speed RADAR guns.


Moving Accuracy

+1/-2 mph (+2/-3 km/h)

Voltage Corded

10.5 to 16.5V DC, 800 mA max


Ka-Band 35.5 GHz (+/-100MHz)

System Accuracy

Stationary +1 mph (+1km/h)
Moving +1/-2 mph (+1/-2 km/h)
Voltage Cordless
6.5 to 9.0V DC
Operating Temperature
-22° to +140° (-30°C to + 60°C)
2.4 lbs (1.1 kg) with battery handle
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Simple Solutions Are The Best Solutions

The Directional Talon RADAR system comes from a long-standing commitment to the law enforcement community to provide quality, state-of-the-art speed measuring equipment.

The Directional Talon uses the latest in directional features and Digital Signal Processing (DSP). This allows Kustom Signals’ designers to add features such as same direction with automatic add or subtract difference speed, fastest vehicle detection in all modes, TruTrak™ with Automatic Mode Switching (AMS), and stationary modes that allow the operator to select approaching only, receding only, or all targets identification. With these features, the officer can better identify the offending vehicle and eliminate much of the confusion of high traffic environments.

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  • Interchangeable accessories between the Talon and Falcon HR RADARs (such as battery handles, chargers and cables)
  • High visibility LCD with large easy-to-see numbers and indicators, even in direct sunlight
  • Track multiple targets with Digital Signal Processing
  • Corded and rechargeable battery handle options
  • High performance Directional Ka RADAR
  • Upgrade to moving and moving same direction operations
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Wireless Speed Sensing

Mounting Options

If you want to mount your Talon in your patrol vehicle or on your motorcycle, Kustom Signals can provide a wide variety of mounting options designed specifically for the police force, ensuring that you find the right one for you. For a detailed breakdown of the options available, please see our mounting kits catalog.

Directional Talon Ka RADAR Gun
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Directional RADAR provides the operator with the ability to select the direction of travel to be monitored. For example, the RADAR can display approaching only targets and ignore receding targets and vice versa. The Directional Talon can also display all targets with a road graphic and indicator clearly showing the direction of the strongest and fastest targets.

Yes, the Directional Talon may be ordered with moving operations including Same Direction operations. Corded and battery handle on mounts are available. An optional POD mount replaces the handle and enables wired connections to the RADAR for power, VSS, wired remote, and in-car video interface.

Yes, Kustom Signals offers secure, locking holsters for several law enforcement motorcycles. The Directional Talon has IP-55 environmental protection and will not be damaged if it gets wet during operations. The optional padded carry case makes a great saddlebag solution, too!

Tuscaloosa PD has a great working relationship with Kustom Signals for decades. We haven’t had any major issues and I know when I have any problems they are quick to remedy them.

Sergeant - Tuscaloosa Police Department

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