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Did you know that, according to the NHTSA, more than 30% of traffic-related fatalities are due to speeding?

In an effort to help resolve this issue, we have developed an extensive portfolio of police RADAR and LIDAR speed guns for law enforcement, RADAR speed displays, SMART speed & messaging trailers, and tools for data collection. Our speed guns can be handheld, dash and motorcycle mounted, and are available at a range of price points. Our RADAR speed displays are similarly versatile, with pole-mounted and trailer models available.

Whatever the size of your department or budget, we have the equipment to meet your needs. You can find out more by clicking on ‘view product’ or reaching out to us via the form at the bottom of the page.

Our Speed Enforcement Categories


  • TruTrak with Automatic Mode Switching
  • Wireless Speed Sensing (WSS) to eliminate the need for controversial OBD II use.

Handheld LIDAR

  • Ergonomically designed handheld LIDAR speed gun and video camera
  • Outstanding target acquisition at a greater range
  • Faster acquisition time

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