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  • Best Warranty

    Kustom Signals has recently increased the warranty terms on our SMART Trailers (excluding VMS) to 5 years!

  • 50 Years of Innovation

    In support of law enforcement agencies, our broad portfolio of products have earned the respect as being the most advanced, accurate and trusted brand in the industry.

  • Global Coverage

    Our equipment can be found in every continent and is the first choice of Police forces around the world.

  • Increasing Public Safety

    Eyewitness Data Vault back office software is the perfect partner for VieVu LE3. Manage evidence from all Kustom Signals digital in-car, motorcycle and BWV in addition to non-proprietary sources.


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Eyewitness Data Vault

It is configurable and scalable to fit virtually any environment. EDV lite is the ideal solution for smaller agencies utilizing manual file transfer.


Grant Opportunity for Body Worn Cameras

The Department of Justice is launching a $20 million pilot program funding body worn cameras for police officers. ENDS JUNE 16, 2015.


The New SMART 650

This Radar Speed Trailer comes standard with a 5-Year Warranty, Delivered in the continental US for $5,000.

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DOJ is launching a $20 million pilot program

Law enforcement agencies across the country and worldwide are using body-worn cameras (BWCs)/body-worn video (BWV) as a promising tool to improve law enforcement interactions with the public. BWCs can provide a visual and audio record of interactions and document procedural compliance. These recordings have been shown to reduce complaints which in turn saves agencies time and money on investigating and settling unfounded complaints. Some preliminary evidence also indicates that the presence of BWCs helps strengthen transparency and can assist in de-escalating conflicts, resulting in more constructive encounters between the police and members of the community. This competitive solicitation is for law enforcement agencies seeking to establish or enhance BWC Policy and Implementation Programs (PIP). Successful applicants will be responsible for a mandatory 50 percent in-kind or cash match.

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Find out more about our GSA Schedule, grant partnership program, and view additional content about speeding tickets.

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