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Argus ICV’s HD Dual View Camera captures both a wide angle and telephoto views simultaneously in 1080p. Physically pivot the telephoto lens to capture what is most important in the moment and provide an enhanced live view for the user.

The HD Interior Camera’s wide view allows it to be mounted wherever is most convenient, and utilize infrared to make sure that nothing is missed.

Review and classify footage on Argus ICV’s Android-powered tablet. The interface makes it easy to view multiple feeds or focus in on a single camera to view the live feed or review footage to see what exactly was caught on camera.



Selectable 1080p/720p/480p resolution


DVR with removable 512GB solid state drive with built in WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and NFC


HD Dual Camera with 130° wide angle or 46° telephoto rotatable lens. HD Interior Camera with infrared wide angle


7" Android powered tablet with HD screen


Records with H.264/H.265 for maximum efficiency (high-quality video with less storage required)

Audio Capture

Capture audio from each camera. Expanse DSS wireless audio is also available for wireless microphone up to 2500 feet
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Focus On the Mission At Hand

Pair Argus ICV with your Argus BWC to enable bi-directional activation. Rely on the AI-based activation triggers for Argus BWC to ensure you’re always recording when needed, or rely on the multiple activation triggers available with Argus ICV to make sure your body camera is recording when it is needed most.

Argus ICV can be highly customized to use multiple activation triggers such as geo-fencing, lightbar activation, door open, weapon unholster, and many more.

Argus ICV can also be used with your Kustom Signals Eagle 3 or Raptor RP-1 to trigger a recording when a user-configured target speed threshold is met during speed enforcement activities.

Always Have Their Back

Always keep track of your fleet by seeing GPS data and even live streaming directly from every in-car video system you have.

Through Argus Data Vault, get a complete view of the scene at hand by live streaming from multiple in-car video cameras and multiple body cameras at the same time.


Argus BWC

Argus BWC keeps your officers safe with its artificial-intelligence powered event detection and ensures footage is never missed with voice activation and hot-swappable battery that never stops recording.

Argus Data Vault

Evidence management is made easy with Argus Data Vault and companion mobile app, Argus Insight. Keep your officers safe by being able to view livestreams from Argus ICV or Argus BWC and always see alerts in realtime.

Argus ICV
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  • Argus ICV supports up to 4 IP cameras and 4 additional analog cameras

  • Argus Data Vault can be configured for a local on-premises solution or a fully-cloud solution with unlimited storage. Contact our sales team for help deciding which option is best for you.

Of course, if you have not been contacted by Kustom Signals before, contact us here.

  • Kustom Signals does provide onsite support and training, as well as virtual. If it was not part of your initial purchase, or quotation, please contact your sales representative to arrange a quotation and discuss your needs.

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