4 Speed Awareness Products to Manage a Record-High Number of U.S. Drivers on the Road

There were an estimated 243 million licensed drivers in the United States in 2023, states Consumer Affairs. For the first time since COVID-19, we’re seeing an increase in licensed drivers, about two percent, and that number is projected to trend upward in the next two to three years. More licensed drivers typically means more drivers on our U.S. roads.

In February 2024, Reuters reported new statistics from the Transportation Department that revealed “Travel on U.S. roads in 2023 rose 2.1% to 3.263 trillion miles setting a new yearly record and topping pre-COVID-19 levels for the first time.”

Why Are There More Drivers on the Road?

Road travel numbers are up for the first time post-Covid. Many companies and businesses that had made work-from-home possible during COVID-19, and even after lockdowns were lifted, are now requiring employees to return to the office. Businesses that had temporarily closed have reopened. Students of all ages are back in classrooms. 

Museums, entertainment venues, sporting events, amusement parks, and vacation destinations have reopened and people are flocking to them. Vacation travel in general was up in 2023, with more than eighty percent of Americans planning at least one or more leisure trips. Lower gas prices in 2023 also helped get more motorists back out on the road as well.

With this record-high number of drivers on American roads, there is the potential for a surge in dangerous driving and traffic accidents. However, Kustom Signals is here with the industry-leading innovation law enforcement agencies want and need to help make communities and roadways a safer place.

Speed Displays

Speed displays are an effective way to slow down traffic in accident hotspots, dangerous stretches of road, and other areas where motorists consistently push past the posted speed limits. Kustom Signals offers portable and permanent pole-mounted RADAR displays designed to help your law enforcement agency improve community safety via speed awareness.

The PMD 12 is a portable pole mounted display with 12-inch, highly-visible LED characters and long-lasting battery. Lightweight and easy to set up, the PMD 12 is the ideal tool for traffic data collection and identifying speeding issues.

The PMD 18 is a pole mounted display with 18-inch, highly-visible LED characters, high/low speed blanking, flashing digits overspeed violator alert, and a wireless configuration with Windows and Android SMARTstat™.

Speed Trailers

Kustom Signals has something for every department’s needs and budget when it comes to speed trailers. Whether in urban, suburban, or rural communities, RADAR speed and messaging trailers are important tools for managing the growing number of drivers on the roadways. Speed trailers can help increase speed awareness in order to improve road safety.

The SMART 12 Speed Trailer is a compact unit ideal for deployment in high-accident areas as well as school zones. It’s available with optional traffic statistics generated by SMARTstat™ analysis software.

The SMART 18 Speed Trailer and the SMART 18 HP+ Speed Trailer are additional options. These products are ideal in high-accident areas, school and construction zones, airports, and industrial areas.

Messaging Trailers

Virtually every community can benefit from a high-quality messaging trailer. Designed for both static and dynamic messages, messaging trailers from Kustom Signals allow you to deliver essential information and speed feedback messages, with full graphics as needed. 

Our SMART VMS I has a 4 X 8 full matrix display that delivers one to three lines of messaging with a choice of nine fonts.

The SMART VMS II/HT is a 4 X 6 full matrix display with RADAR, ideal when you need to provide dynamic traffic information to motorists with alphanumeric text and/or a graphic display. 

The SMART VMS III is a 3 X 6 full matrix display with RADAR and a larger text display for greater visibility.

Traffic Data Collection

For covert traffic data collection, look at the StealthStat II. This easy-to-use device has been designed to collect traffic data in the area you need to target without being obvious. It’s compact and easy to install on most poles or signposts. The StealthStat II features our Kustom Signals SMARTstat Analysis Software, which makes it easy to gather and analyze a range of traffic data.

For questions and additional information regarding any Kustom Signals products, please contact us today.

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