Argus Data Vault

Video Evidence File Management Software

Securely Manage Video Evidence Files

Harness the power of artificial intelligence with Argus Data Vault, the ultimate video evidence file management software. ADV combines the power of an easy-to-use back office system with smart fleet management tools to help your agency keep a vigilant eye on all of your officers.

Save Time Save Lives

Effortlessly retrieve crucial footage for investigations, court proceedings, and internal reviews, ensuring airtight chain of custody and streamlined collaboration. Choose between a local deployment with on-premises storage or a fully cloud-hosted solution without sacrificing security or functionality.

Featuring one-touch facial redaction, evidence can be processed quicker without the need for external services or spending precious man hours on processing video files manually.

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Always Have Their Back

Gain unprecedented real-time insights with the ability to livestream from Argus Body Worn Camera and Argus In Car Video directly into Argus Data Vault. Your agency will always have an eye on critical incidents as they unfold, enabling prompt decision-making and response coordination. Stay connected with your officers on the front lines, no matter the situation.

Argus Data Vault will also provide artificial intelligence trained alerts from devices in the field so you will be immediately alerted to situations that might mean an officer needs assistance, such as falling, running, weapon unholstering, vehicle crashes, and more.


  • Intuitive web-based Interface
  • Real-time fleet tracking and monitoring
  • Activate live view feed from enabled devices
  • Support for local server or cloud-based solutions
  • Multi camera synchronized playback
  • Simple or advanced search capabilities
  • Create expirable links for evidence sharing internally or externally
  • Export encrypted media for local playback
  • Comprehensive audit reports and tracking
  • Customizable file retention policy


Argus Body Worn Camera

Argus BWC keeps your officers safe with its artificial-intelligence powered event detection and ensures footage is never missed with voice activation and hot-swappable battery that never stops recording.

Argus In Car Video

Argus In Car Video was built to be highly configurable for whatever the mission. See everything in crystal clear high definition with the HD Dual Camera and HD In Cabin Camera with infrared. Keep your officers safe with available livestreaming and live alerts so you are always aware of the situation in the field.

Argus Data Vault
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Argus Data Vault Operators Manual


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  • All original evidentiary files are kept even after features such as one-touch facial redaction are applied in order to still be admissable for court proceedings.

  • Both options have the same security, functionality and features. The biggest difference is that a local storage solution features an on-site server and customer determined physical storage volumes. Our cloud storage solution enables storing data and files on the internet that are accessible either through the public internet or a dedicated private network connection.

  • Of course, if you have not been contacted by Kustom Signals before, email us at to let us know you want to learn more.

  • Kustom Signals does provide onsite support and training. If it was not part of your initial purchase, or quotation, please contact your sales representative to arrange a quotation and discuss your needs.

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