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Lower Speeds Save Lives

Statistics show that over 30% of all fatal crashes in the US are speed-related and involve only a single vehicle.* The visibility of officers using radar or laser speed enforcement hardware is proven to slow drivers down. Additionally, a routine traffic stop is an opportunity for the officer to evaluate the condition of the driver and possibly prevent further infraction of the law.

An IACP study on in-car video cameras showed that a patrol car or body worn video system significantly improved officer safety as well as documents the violation and records citizen behavior and other events resulting in reduced court time and prosecutor burden. **

Our Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailer (SMART), is a portable, self-contained speed display unit that can be towed to sites with speed-related problems or road hazard conditions alerting the community of potential safety issues and ensuring drivers are cognizant of their speed... just one example of the way in which we help Law enforcers save lives.

You can read more about the studies mentioned above at the following websites:-


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U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)

U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) is committed to offering local, state and Federal agencies advantages in acquisition of products and services.

For more information on GSA, contact our representative:

Marty Pfister

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