Argus BWC

Police Body Worn Camera

AI-Powered Voice Activation

Argus Body Worn Camera will help keep your officers safe by recognizing common phrases and automatically activating to capture footage. Argus comes with pre-recorded phrases that have been trained using artificial intellligence, and agencies also have the capability to submit phrases for Argus to learn.

Built For The Needs Of Modern Policing


2.76’’ length x 3.74’’ height x 1.10’’ width size


7.48oz (212 grams)

4 Microphones

For superior audio quality and AI-powered noise cancellation

IP67 rated

Protection from dust and water

Rugged Body

Complies with MIL STD 810G

4G Capable

4G LTE Cellular connectivity for in-field live
streaming and file upload
Selectable - 1080p/30 fps, 720p/30 fps
LUX Rating
Retina low-light capability less than 0.1 lux
Battery Life
12 hour recording time. Hot-swappable battery allows for 24 hours without charging
Power Save Mode
96 hours
Internal Storage
Recording Capacity
Up to 12 hours 1080p/30 fps, up to 28 hours 720p/30
4G LTE, Wifi 802.11 b/g/n/ac at 5GHz and 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC)
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AI-Powered Event Detection

Argus Body Worn Camera keeps officers safe by triggering recording based on events such as running, hard falls, gunshot detection, and many more. These artificial intelligence-trained alerts are also sent back to administrators (when 4G LTE is enabled) to let them know of potential trouble and allow them to livestream the triggered camera to get an assessment of the situation at hand.

4G Capable

Argus Body Worn Camera can utilize 4G LTE cellular connectivity to livestream from the field so that support staff can have an instant view into the situation at hand. Argus will also utilize 4G LTE to provide alerts to the back office system, Argus Data Vault, such as an officer running, falling, gunshot detection, and more.

Live Swappable Battery

Featuring a 12-hour battery life, Argus Body Worn Camera also has a live-swappable battery. While the battery is being changed, Argus continues recording. With a quick charge time, this allows for a theoretical unlimited battery life.

Leverage The Power Of Argus Data Vault

Evidence management is made easy with Argus Data Vault and companion mobile app, Argus Insight. Save your officers time classifying evidence and enjoy AI-powered features such as one-touch redaction.


  • Argus is offered with a local storage solution where evidence is kept on-premises or an unlimited cloud storage SaaS solution.

  • The battery life of Argus BWC can vary based on configuration and usage.
  • Each battery can last up to 12 hours of recording time. Since the battery is hot-swappable, Argus will continue recording while you switch to another battery, allowing for completely uninterrupted recording.

  • Argus Bodyworn Video will integrate with the future Argus In-Car Video system when it is launched.

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Argus Body Worn Camera
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Argus features our No-Fault Warranty for US customers that covers the body worn camera against whatever may happen to it, no questions asked.

Consumable items such as mounts, clips, screws and other accessories are also covered by the Limited Warranty.

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