The Power of AI in Police Body Worn Cameras & Back Office Capabilities

The power of AI was once a science fiction tale, theoretical and something to be experienced in the far-off future. The term artificial intelligence was created in 1956—nearly 70 years ago. The early days of AI focused on basic problem solving and analytics. As the science of AI evolved, so did its applications, from deep learning to automation, smart assistants, and beyond.

Life-Saving AI Applications

AI technology involves the collection, analysis, and transmission of data. TechTarget describes AI as systems that “work by ingesting large amounts of labeled training data, analyzing the data for correlations and patterns, and using these patterns to make predictions about future states.”

While the controversial aspects of AI, such as surveillance and data collection get a lot of attention, AI technology can be used in other ways, as a powerful tool that facilitates rapid and accurate communication and analysis. It can improve a wide range of operations and processes, including those that save lives. Some examples include: 

  • Medical and Healthcare – AI-powered medical diagnostic tools and treatment systems can accurately detect a variety of health conditions, allowing doctors to prescribe life-saving treatment. 
  • Manufacturing Environments – AI robots are being used to relieve humans of dangerous and health-threatening tasks, such as lifting heavy loads or working in extreme environments.
  • Predictive Infrastructure Maintenance – AI systems can monitor the performance of critical infrastructure such as power plants and detect potential problems before they cause accidents or failures.
  • Natural Disaster Early Warning Systems – AI-powered early warning systems can monitor weather patterns, seismic activity, and other situations, alerting authorities and citizens to potential danger

AI for Law Enforcement

As a leading innovator of law enforcement tools, Kustom Signals is committed to developing cutting-edge technology for effective, multi-pronged use by law enforcement. While AI technology continues to develop, the Kustom Signals team is looking at how it can be used most effectively to facilitate law enforcement efforts, while avoiding collecting private data of officers or citizens. We are using AI to develop product features that help protect police officers and the citizens they serve, without using invasive data collection.

Introducing Argus from Kustom Signals

Argus Police Body Worn Cameras from Kustom Signals feature AI-powered voice activation, recognizing common phrases to automatically trigger recording mode and capture footage. This assures that officers do not miss important footage because they are unable to manually activate their body worn camera. The trigger automatically allows the camera to activate for live streaming in the event of threats such as falling or gunfire. 

Argus BWC was developed with AI for law enforcement, designed with innovative technology that makes it easy to use during even the most tense and threatening situations.

Argus Features and Capabilities:

  • A list of common phrases was learned using AI and language models were developed to learn voice commands to trigger recordings, including pre-recorded common phrases
  • Allows agencies to submit custom phrases for Argus to learn
  • Automatically triggered by events including running, hard falls, gunshot detection, and more
  • When triggered, Argus alerts are sent back to administration to allow for situation assessment and initiation of live stream. This allows administration to see exactly what the officer sees, as well as find them via GPS on a map to instruct other officers how to find them.
  • 4G capable
  • 12-hour battery life plus hot swappable battery so you don’t stop recording when changing battery
  • Removes background noise from footage
  • Integrates with the future Argus in-car video system

Innovative back office features for Argus use innovative AI technology to detect faces and allow redaction with the touch of a button. Kustom Signals understands that video redaction can be a long process, sometimes taking days, making it one of the hardest parts of video evidence management. Saving time is another advantage of working with AI-enhanced products and technology. This allows officers to spend more of their shift in the field, serving their community.

Storage solutions are available for on-site evidence management, as well as unlimited cloud storage, so it’s easy to classify and organize comprehensive files while allowing administrators to control access and easily share files inside and outside of the agency.

Put the Power of Argus to Work for Your Agency

The power of AI in police body worn cameras with back office functionality is a game-changer. The features built into Argus will automate many functions for officer safety and allow them to spend more time serving their community. Leveraging this critical technical advantage not only increases the safety of your law enforcement officers but is also a way to seamlessly progress into an era where technological advantages are critical. 

Ready to learn more about Argus and the power of AI in police BWC? Contact us today.

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