Declutter your duty belt! Vantage Body camera now streams audio to the Eyewitness HD In-Car Video

Lenexa, KS, February 27, 2020 – Kustom Signals, Inc.´s Vantage body-worn video camera can now replace the standard wireless transmitter for Eyewitness HD in-car video, creating a truly integrated and associated system between body-worn video and in-car video systems.  Features supported by this integration include:


  1. The Vantage body camera simultaneously records audio and video locally on the camera and transmits audio back real-time to the in-car system for recording with its video files. Never miss audio – if Vantage is out of range, it still records audio locally.
  2. Files from the two systems are automatically associated.  These in-car associations allow synchronized playback of the files using the Eyewitness Data Vault file management system.
  3. The integration uses a local peer-to-peer network to allow bi-directional record activations.  If the in-car system starts to record for any reason, it will activate a recording on up to two paired body cameras.  Likewise, if a body camera is activated, it will start the in-car system recording – and start the second paired body camera recording (if present).
  4. Files from the body camera can be transferred wirelessly to the in-car system.  They can also be transferred by docking the camera in the in-car docking station.
  5. Once Vantage files are transferred to the in-car system, they can be reviewed and tagged in the car, prior to being uploaded to the database.
  6. Once body camera files are transferred to the in-car system, they will transfer wirelessly to the database alongside the in-car files. 
  7. Vantage in-car docking stations also support in-car charging. 


Chris Abel, President of Kustom Signals, says: “This integration allows officers the opportunity to have fully integrated in-car and body-worn video protection with one less piece of equipment strapped to their uniform.”


About Kustom Signals, Your No-Risk Partner:

Established in 1965, Kustom Signals, Inc., an MPD Inc. company, designs and manufactures a complete line of speed enforcement, speed awareness and in-car and body-worn video systems for law enforcement agencies. For more information, visit Telephone: 1.800.458.7866


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