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Eagle 3

Revolutionary New RADAR

Eagle 3 Eagle 3 Eagle 3 Eagle 3

Eagle 3

Revolutionary New RADAR


A growing number of police vehicles no longer have a VSS signal easily accessible to be integrated with the RADAR.  Additionally, the automotive manufactures have long said that the OBD II port should not be used for auxiliary equipment and the upfitter’s guides clearly indicate the risks associated with this type of connection.  Regardless of these warnings, some RADAR manufactures are using the OBD II port for power and to query the VSS signals.  Some manufactures are even warning customers that they will void their RADAR warranty if they move equipment to a new vehicle and utilize the wrong OBD II cable! Read about our solution here: White Paper


Eagle 3 Directional RADAR offers front and rear scanning mode in the smallest mounted RADAR on the market.

Outstanding features to look for:

  • Front and Rear Scan Mode switches display to the target of interest (patent pending)
  • Faster processing provides greater targeting range and improved target acquisition
  • TruTrak™ with patent pending Wireless Speed Sensing (WSS) eliminates VSS and controversial OBD II use
  • Improved performance in poor weather (WSS)
  • Automatic radar log stores locked target data, fork tests and GPS marked location to internal memory easily downloaded to spreadsheet.
  • eFork™ electronic tuning fork in remote control replaces traditional tuning forks
  • Advanced tuning fork test method with mandatory option simplifies testing procedures (patented) 
  • Fan noise and interference learning
  • Recertification notification with optional lock out (patent pending)
  • DuraTrak™ tracking bars improve target confidence (patented) 
  • QuikTrak™ one button target tracking with lock (patented) 

The color touch screen display changes color and position with front and rear target tracking. The user selectable options include one, two, three and five color options. The radar can be completely controlled with the touch screen, front panel or RF remote and doesn’t require the remote to be fully operational.

Customers love the new Eagle 3. Here’s what they are saying:

  • More than 71% of Eagle 3 users polled agreed that the Eagle 3 consistently acquires Stationary and Moving Opposite targets at a notable greater range than their current RADAR.
  • 100% of those polled agreed that the Eagle 3’s use of different colors and change of display position to indicate front and rear targets is easy to use and understand compared to their current RADAR.
  • More than 92% of users polled agree that the Eagle 3 display in daylight is easier to see when comparing to their current RADAR and 100% agree the display at night is more favorable.
  • 92% of those polled liked that the Eagle 3 uses satellite signals to verify the patrol speed and to enable Automatic Mode Switching.
  • More than 78% agree that the Fan Noise Learning feature blocks unwanted fan noise that plagues other RADAR.
  • Upfitters love how easy it is to install, “This could potentially improve install times by 0.5 to 2 hours depending on the type of vehicle and whether the vehicle is already equipped with aftermarket product. I feel the GPS feature is definitely a major improvement.”

The new Eagle 3 is available with directional Ka-band antennas. 

Take a look at some quick video demos:


Customers love the Eagle 3! Here's what they are saying:

  • Lt. Douglass of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office had this to say, “It’s awesome! If it was a fighter jet, it would be an F22!”
  • Chief Robert "Bobby" Martin of the Snowflake-Taylor Police Department (Snowflake, AZ), “Eagle 3 = Game Changer

    We recently purchased three Eagle 3 radars to be installed in our patrol cars.  Initially I gave the installer one radar to install thinking it would take him most of the day, as other radars have in the past.  After a short time, he asked if we had the other vehicles and radars available to complete that day.  I asked him why and he stated the Eagle 3 was the easiest install he has ever done for a radar.  He was extremely impressed with the system and its capabilities.  He was able to complete all three vehicle installs that day.  We purchased a fourth Eagle 3 a few weeks later and he again completed that install in no time at all.

    Our officers absolutely love the Eagle 3.  They have said several times that the electronic tuning is a game changer.  As a Chief, the fact that the system is an all in one type of unit with no tuning forks is a sigh of relief.  I cannot tell you how many tuning forks have been lost and replaced over the years. 

    We won’t be purchasing another radar system ever again, until the Eagle 4 comes out that is.”



The Eagle 3 can be fitted in a wide varity of locations and a series of mounting kits has been especially developed for law enforcement vehicles. Click here for a one-page mounting overview.

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