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Make Data Collection Easier

StealthStat™ StealthStat™ StealthStat™ StealthStat™


Make Data Collection Easier

The StealthStat™ with Traffic Statistics Computer (TSC) allows you to effectively track and manage traffic in your community. Conveniently mounted on a pole, this unit collects vehicle data without the need for road tubes. The built-in TSC stores speeds on a SD card in an easy-to-use format.

Included software plots and graphically displays the number of vehicles vs. time of day, vehicle speed vs. time of day and vehicle speed vs. number of vehicles.


  • Directional radar unit

  • Traffic Statistics Computer (TSC)

  • Waterproof enclosure

  • Host software (Windows® compatible)

  • Rechargable, removable internal battery

  • External battery charger

  • Mounting straps and hardware

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