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StealthStat™ II

Make Data Collection Easier

StealthStat™ II StealthStat™ II StealthStat™ II StealthStat™ II

StealthStat™ II

Make Data Collection Easier

The StealthStat II allows agencies to discretely collect and easily analyze traffic data to identify and address speed related issues. 

StealthStat II is easy to deploy and utilizes a common mounting bracket with Kustom’s portable PMD. Its light weight, compact design is simple to install and easy to setup with custom traffic surveys. It features Kustom Signal’s DRU-III directional K-band RADAR with 12 degree beamwidth.  It utilizes the highly accurate free flow traffic count method that does not require road tubes.  The battery is long lasting with an 8 day run time under typical use which can be extended to indefinite use with the addition of the 20W solar option. The statistical data can be wirelessly downloaded to a PC or Android device.   The non-descript housing is an IP-68 weatherproof and secure enclosure.

Identify speed issues and communicate to your communities and command staff.  Deploy Kustom speed awareness products and focused speed enforcement.  Utilizing SMARTstat analysis software, agencies are able to collect and analyze approaching, receding or traffic flow in both directions.  Data can be compiled into tables and graphs with manual and automatic report generation. Data, graphs and tables are easily exported for other reporting tools as well.

More than 30% of traffic related fatalities are due to excessive speed. Now you have a better tool to save lives!  (Source: NHTSA)


  • Event scheduler for customized data collection
  • Data Conversion of multiple traffic data file types
  • Supports all versions MS Excel
  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Compile tables & graphs of studies
  • Auto report generation
  • Print & export charts for other software reporting
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StealthStat™ II