Eyewitness Data Vault

Intuitive, Secure File Management Software.

Securely Manage Digital Assets

The Eyewitness Data Vault offers a secure, intuitive file management for all digital evidence, primarily video recorded by the Eyewitness HD in-car camera and the Eyewitness Vantage body-worn camera.

The Ideal Partner In The Precinct

The Eyewitness Data Vault is a powerful and highly configurable digital evidence management solution that automatically and securely manages video and other digital assets, either locally or across a network. It supports simple and advanced searches, multi-camera synchronized playback, easy file sharing or export and provides database access to authorized users across your network.

The software is intuitive, while the user-friendly interface simplifies learning and enables efficient use. It is compatible with Active Directory and LDAP, easily integrating with established login credentials. The Eyewitness Data Vault manages multiple asset types including video, photos and documents for effective case management and supports updating in-car system software as needed.

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Eyewitness HD

Unsurpassed audio-video quality, intuitive user interfaces, configurable to law enforcement departmental preferences, and capable of integrating our Vantage body worn camera and Eyewitness Data Vault.

Eyewitness Vantage

Vantage offers true HD video, excellent low light recording and wireless file transfer to Kustom’s new Eyewitness HD in-car video system and Eyewitness Data Vault.


  • A/V redaction included
  • Easily configured user permissions
  • Secure access to permitted evidence
  • Intuitive Windows-based interface
  • Simple to advanced record search capability
  • Multi camera synchronized playback
  • Share evidence via cloud, export or burn to disc
  • Comprehensive audit reports and tracking
  • Customized file retention policy
  • Supports MS Active directory
  • Web interface for remote viewing

EDV Lite

Eyewitness Data Vault Lite (EDV Lite) is specifically designed for smaller installations of Kustom in-car and body-worn video systems that only utilize manual file transfer.

EDV Lite offers the same intuitive look and feel as Eyewitness Data Vault, and retains an impressive list of powerful and popular features such as file ingestion, search, play, burn and export, as well as a comprehensive Admin package that controls which features are accessible to each user. One copy of EDV Lite is available at no charge to each Kustom video customer.

EDV Lite is customer installable on existing computer hardware, with no IT expertise needed. Basic operation can be mastered in a matter of minutes.

With EDV Lite, our file management platform was extended to address agencies who desired the optimal user interface of EDV yet didn’t need the comprehensive feature set. EDV Lite provides a very affordable back office solution that is ideal for agencies who just want a simple, reliable way to manage their digital evidence files.

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Fill out the form to contact a local sales representative or to get a quote.