3 Kustom Signals Products That Can Save Lives On The Road This New Year

The holiday season always brings new challenges for police officers. While this may be a period for family and joy, it’s also a particularly busy time of the year. From holiday shopping and preparing large meals to hosting family and friends, it’s far from a completely relaxing time. 

Roads are usually busier, and a lot of the people behind the wheel are under more stress than you may be aware of. This is why the holidays are often a particularly manic time for the police officers who are tasked with keeping our roads safe. Because they can use all the help they can get, here are some of the best Kustom Signals products designed with road safety in mind. 


The ProLaser 4 LIDAR traffic safety gun offers outstanding target acquisition at great range.  The gun is ergonomically designed, with a rugged forward-swept pistol grip providing outstanding balance and fit.  The textured grip increases comfort, while reducing fatigue with extended use. You’ll never need to worry about losing a measurement with the ProLaser 4’s locked event recall and display lock.

The ProLaser 4 now comes with ‘Following Too Close’ mode. According to the NHTSA, ‘tailgating’ or following too close to the car in front, “is the second most frequent complaint on the highway today.” It is also, along with speeding, one of the most preventable causes of serious collisions on American roads. The ProLaser 4 also integrates with our new Android application TrafficTrak to collect and track traffic data.


Letting drivers know when they’re violating traffic rules or speed limits can be a key element in keeping them safe. Not every driver is knowingly breaking the law, and so simply  informing them that they’re driving dangerously can change their behavior to get them to both slow down and drive more safely. RADAR speed displays such as the SMART 12 are extremely effective in getting drivers to be mindful as they drive. 

RADAR speed displays also work with data collection tools such as SMARTstat™ analysis software. This gives police departments important traffic data, helping them to track speeding hotspots over longer periods of time, and with no officers present. This helps the department to identify problem areas within their jurisdiction so they can more efficiently deploy officers to keep the roads safe, without having to purchase additional resources.

The SMART 12 trailer has 12 inch characters with 2½ digit display capable of displaying speeds up to 199 (km/h). The trailer is lightweight and easily deployed, and can operate continuously for up to 7 days with one battery.  An optional second battery and 50W solar panel can be added for extended operation.


The Eagle 3 Directional RADAR offers front and rear scanning mode in the smallest mounted RADAR on the market. The Front and Rear Scan Mode switches display to the target of interest, while faster target processing provides greater range and improved target acquisition. The color touch screen display changes color and position with front and rear target tracking, and the user-selectable options include one, two, three and five color options. The radar can be completely controlled with the touch screen, front panel or RF remote and doesn’t require the remote to be fully operational.

The Eagle 3 has proven to be one of our most popular products. More than 71% of Eagle 3 users polled agreed that it consistently acquires stationary and moving-opposite targets at a notable greater range than their current RADAR. 100% of those polled agreed that the Eagle 3’s use of different colors and change of display position to indicate front and rear targets is easy to use and understand compared to their current RADAR. As Lt. Douglass of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said, “It’s awesome! If it was a fighter jet, it would be an F22!”


Every year our nation’s police take on more challenges when it comes to keeping our roads safe during the holiday season. This year may present an even bigger job than usual due to the current spike in speeding, accidents and road fatalities. Kustom Signals is proud to be doing our part in helping to keep the roads safe, both during the holiday season and into 2022.

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