Category: Big Data

How Data-Driven Technology Effectively Helps Law Enforcement to Combat Human Trafficking
Only the significant profile cases get to us when we listen to the news...
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Predictive Policing: What’s changed since we first implemented this technology?
Far from being the stuff of science fiction movies, algorithm-based predictive...
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NIBRS: What Is It and How Can Police Departments Benefit from It
Data collection is the pillar of any criminal investigation, yet many police...
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How Do Digital Evidence Management Integrations Work?
There was a time when police departments handled all evidence management...
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How Smart City Technologies Will Affect the Future of Policing
For law enforcement agencies to stay relevant, they must move with the...
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Real-time operation centers: The next big deal for policing in the digital age
Effective surveillance can be a major challenge. The first hurdle lies...
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What Is the Most Secure Way To Store Digital Evidence?
If, 20 years ago, you’d tried to predict how law enforcement would change...
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Learn What's Coming for Law Enforcement Software in 2022
We live in a time of unprecedented technological change. From video games...
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The Law Enforcement Trends That Shaped Policing in 2021
While every year comes with its ups and downs, it seems fair to say that,...
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The Growing Role of Facial Recognition in Policing
Facial recognition is currently one of the main tech trends in policing....
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