Category: Video Surveillance

Are Streets More Dangerous Without Speed Enforcement?
Many areas have implemented the use of traffic tools to enhance speed limit...
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How in-car video systems help police officers evolve and adapt in the field
As technology progresses, officers must do the same: evolve and adapt to...
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Top Features to Consider When Choosing a New Dashcam for Your Officers
A 2016 report by the United States Department of Justice found that over...
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Learn How to Use Body-Worn Cameras to Train New Officers In Your Agency
Bodycam video is the ultimate tool to provide training for new officers...
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Speed Cameras Could be on Their Way to the Whole Nation Thanks to Infrastructure Law
Speed Traps Ahead New Legislation is setting the ground for Automated Traffic...
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RADAR vs. LiDAR: Are there any significant differences between them to detect objects?
Both RADAR and LiDAR have been around for quite a while now, and both have...
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Speed Enforcement Cameras: The Different Types and Uses of Cameras Explained
First developed in the 1950s by a dutch rally racer, speed cameras have...
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How Do Digital Evidence Management Integrations Work?
There was a time when police departments handled all evidence management...
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Dash Cams: Know What Police Car Cameras Are Capable Of During Police Traffic Stops and Other Incidents
Dashcams and body cams have changed the way we think about evidence in...
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The 6 Types of Confidential Sources Every Officer Should Know How to Manage
We’ve seen a lot of information recently on the rise of data-led and information-led...
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