Category: Crime Prevention

5 Ways Police Dash Cams Can Help Reduce Crime
Dash cams are fast becoming standard equipment in both police and civilian...
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How Data-Driven Technology Effectively Helps Law Enforcement to Combat Human Trafficking
Only the significant profile cases get to us when we listen to the news...
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Predictive Policing: What’s changed since we first implemented this technology?
Far from being the stuff of science fiction movies, algorithm-based predictive...
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Helping Your Agency Find the Funding for Cybersecurity Efforts in the U.S.
For the past decades, technology has played a significant role in society’s...
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Dash Cams: Know What Police Car Cameras Are Capable Of During Police Traffic Stops and Other Incidents
Dashcams and body cams have changed the way we think about evidence in...
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The 6 Types of Confidential Sources Every Officer Should Know How to Manage
We’ve seen a lot of information recently on the rise of data-led and information-led...
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Here's How Wisconsin Police Are Aiming To Reduce Crime In Residential Areas
In the words of the timeless G.I. Joe, “Knowing is half the battle”. One...
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Law Enforcement Officers Now Required to Record All Juvenile Interrogations
As of January 2022, House Bill 1223 will take effect, requiring...
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K9s: The New Police Weapon to Save Children from Predators
While police are tasked with fighting all infringements of the law, there...
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Fighting Cybercrime: Recent Developments and Key Challenges
The term ‘cybercrime’ has gone from something that once sounded like the...
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