Police Caught on Camera: 20 Videos that will make you go “Wow!”

We’re giving you the chance to see what’s on the other side of the camera; the human faces of law enforcement that will make you smile and laugh!

Think of police officer video footage and it may not be easy to think of dancing, humor, generosity and animal kindness.

But we’re giving you the chance to see what’s on the other side of the camera; the human faces of law enforcement that will make you smile and laugh!

1) Seattle Police Go Downtown!

Police lip sync videos have been a viral sensation among US police departments, but this Seattle Police video (featuring their community) was the clear winner! With over 500,000 views, the video production is a masterclass. We salute you, Seattle!

2) Dover Police ‘Shake It Off’

What happens when you cross a Dover police officer and his dash cam with Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’? The answer is a lip sync video that has over 43 million views on YouTube…

3) Poncho the Police Dog

Definitely one of the most adorable police dog videos on the internet: If you’re a police officer who falls to the ground, unresponsive, you need a dog like Poncho. This video has been seen over 300,000 times and made the crowd go “Awwwww!”

4) Notting Hill Dancing Part 1

It’s become a tradition over the last few decades for London police officers to dance at the annual Notting Hill Carnival. This is truly the cherry on top of the cake! View count = 443,000+. (This video contains language not suitable for children)


5) Surprising Officer Mitch

Officer Mitch is not just the police officer for Heritage High School in Brentwood, CA; he’s also their friend. Watch the entire school show their appreciation to him. View count = 13.8 million+.

6) Police Play Ball Part 1

When a Gainsville police officer received a call about kids playing basketball too loudly, he did what any good sports fan would do; joined them! Another dash cam classic. View count = 600,000+.

7) Police Play Ball Part 2

Promising to return for a rematch, take a look at which basketball star the Gainsville Police Department took with them. View count = 2 million+.


8) Mobility Scooter vs Police Car

Watch this elderly man in New Zealand use his mobility scooter to evade police in perhaps the world’s wildest but slowest police chase! View count = 57,000+.

9) Notting Hill Dancing Part 2

London’s dancing police make an appearance on our list again; this time from the 2013 Notting Hill Carnival. Stay tuned for the dance-off at the end of the video. View count = 59,000+.

10) No Crime in Amsterdam

Jim Jefferies goes on a funny ride along with Amsterdam police, showing just how little crime is in the Dutch capital and how good their sense of humor is. View count = 660,000+.

11) Emergency Pizza

This 5 year-old boy in Florida knew exactly what the fastest way to get pizza was: Call 911. View count = 720,000+.

12) Michael Jackson Traffic Cop

Traffic enforcement just became a lot more entertaining. With over 2.1 million views, this police officer is truly making his traffic move.

13) Breakdance Contest

This video was shared by the young boy’s mother, who watched her son and a local police officer battle it out with their best breakdance moves. That’s what you call community policing! View count = 1,000+.


14) Police & Firefighters to the Rescue

This 8 year-old Texan’s brother has autism, leading his family to believe it was the reason why nobody came to his birthday. So the heroes of the police and fire departments arrived to save the day and remove this boy’s lonely feeling! View count = 125,000+.



This 11 year-old wanted to turn things upside down on his birthday, by hosting approximately 100 police officers just to say thank you. His kindness was rewarded by some officers arriving from outside Michigan, including from Georgia and California. View count = 438,000+.


16) More than 1 Way to Catch a Cat

Body camera footage of these officers in Lufkin, Texas, shows them making fast work of bringing a kitten down to safety from about 30 feet. View count = 542,000+.

17) School Spirit

Police officer, Jack Tashner, wasn’t at this football game to ruin the school spirit. Instead he proved that he's a genuine part of his community! View count, 49,000+.

18) Football Hero

When a Rosenberg, Texas, police officer saw a kid standing alone holding a football, he treated the kid in a fatherly manner; stepping out of his patrol car to play. His big heart was caught on his in-car video and serves as an inspiration to all officers. View count = 2,900+.

19) Taking Kids off the Bus

Every parent wants their kids to arrive back home without their clothes or shoes being too dirty for the next day. Well, this absolutely gentleman of a police officer made sure of that. View count = 21,700+.

20) Singing the same Language

Another video from New Zealand; this time showing a police officer keeping up good relations with protestors by leading them in song. View count = 4,500+.

This list of funny police videos was compiled by Kustom Signals, US-based manufacturers of police technology such as dash cams and body cams, in celebration of the good things that can be seen when police are on video. After all, our technology is nothing without the good officers who use it to protect our towns and cities.

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