Why Is RADAR and LIDAR Training and Certification Important?

Technological advancements continue to shape the operational effectiveness of law enforcement. As technology-based tools become more prevalent in police work, it is vital that officers be proficient in working with them. Training and certification for tools like handheld RADAR, in-car RADAR, and LIDAR devices is an essential part of this preparedness. 

As speed measurement tools, RADAR and LIDAR are crucial for maintaining road safety and enforcing traffic laws. These devices are specified, destined, and manufactured to be accurate and reliable, and the added training and certifications ensure that they are used properly. RADAR and LIDAR training and certification are essential to support and improve this critical aspect of law enforcement.

Legal Requirements for Training

Inconsistent or inadequate training can lead to incorrect use of RADAR and LIDAR devices, potentially resulting in wrongful citations, legal challenges, and a loss of public trust in law enforcement. Thorough and standardized training programs are essential to ensure that officers are well-prepared to use these tools accurately and effectively.

Case law in several states across the U.S. underscores the importance of mandates concerning adequate training in the proper setup, testing, and operation of speed measurement devices. Legal precedent has established the necessity for structured and comprehensive training programs. Each state has its own requirements regarding the amount of training needed before officers can issue citations.

The Role of NHTSA Guidelines

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has developed a training guide to ensure that the foundational instruction for Speed-Measuring Device Operator Training is delivered consistently and comprehensively. According to the NHTSA, proper training and certification are critical for the public acceptance of speed enforcement. When law enforcement officers are properly trained, it fosters public trust in the accuracy and fairness of traffic violation enforcement.

The NHTSA acknowledges that while individual states and jurisdictions may have varying approaches and requirements for certification, the core objective remains the same: to ensure that officers are proficient in using speed-measuring devices. This expertise is essential for collecting reliable evidence of traffic violations, thereby protecting officers and supporting the integrity of the legal process.

Kustom Signals’ Commitment to Training

Recognizing the importance of training, Kustom Signals has taken significant steps to support law enforcement agencies in this area. We offer several scholarships annually for students to become certified RADAR and LASER instructors. As a condition of these scholarships, recipients are encouraged to share their knowledge with their communities and neighboring agencies, thus amplifying the impact of their training.

Additionally, Kustom Signals often donates equipment to law enforcement academies and agencies to assist in training new recruits. This donation program works toward ensuring that training facilities are well-equipped with the latest technology, allowing for hands-on learning experiences that are crucial for mastering the use of RADAR and LIDAR devices.

To further enhance training accessibility, Kustom Signals has developed online training modules to supplement the operators’ manuals that accompany our equipment. This online training allows agencies to access necessary instruction more quickly and efficiently, without having to wait for scheduled in-person sessions.

Supporting Continuous Learning and Certification

Kustom Signals’ dedication to improving RADAR/LIDAR training is also evident through our partnership with the Institute of Police Technology and Management (IPTM), which includes the donation of scholarships to assist with officer training. This support not only helps individual officers but also strengthens the overall capabilities of law enforcement agencies.

By providing these resources and support, Kustom Signals ensures that officers have the opportunity to receive thorough training and achieve certification, which is crucial for maintaining high standards in traffic enforcement.

RADAR/LIDAR Training and Certification in Law Enforcement Is Essential

Proper training ensures that officers can accurately and effectively use speed-measuring devices, which fosters fair and reliable traffic law enforcement. With guidelines from the NHTSA, law enforcement agencies can enhance their training programs and maintain public trust in their enforcement practices. Kustom Signals is proud to support these efforts. For more information about Kustom Signals’ training programs and support services, contact our team today.

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