Category: Crime Prevention

How The Michigan State Government Is Planning To Boost Its Police Forces
Since the pandemic started, Michigan has seen a notable rise in crime....
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Kustom Insights: All You Need To Know About The Eagle 3
Besides being the smallest mounted RADAR on the market, the Eagle 3 comes...
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Bureau of Justice Assistance Releases $7.65 Million Grant to Support US Body Camera Programs
Body-worn cameras (BWCs) have been increasing in popularity over recent...
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The Cream of the Crop: 4 Elite Police Forces from Around the World
Thanks to media and pop culture, the entire world is well aware of the...
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5 Reasons Why People Are Inspired To Become Police Officers
As soon as they finish training and put on the uniform, police officers’...
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The Latest Innovations in Police Training
Police officers in the USA are among the best trained in the world. But...
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Catch Me If You Can: 3 Ways Cybercrime is Challenging Modern Policing
Rapidly evolving cybercrime techniques pose an increasingly critical obstacle...
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How Police Departments Can Benefit From Better Mental Health Training
Each year, roughly 43 million adults experience a form of mental illness...
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How South Korea’s K-Cops are Helping in the Fight Against International Crime
The Korean Wave is in full swing. From pop music sensations BTS, to the...
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How To Stay Safe During a Foot Pursuit
Far from the notion of headstrong officers bravely hunting down criminals...
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