Category: Police Culture

NIBRS: What Is It and How Can Police Departments Benefit from It
Data collection is the pillar of any criminal investigation, yet many police...
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3 Simple Exercises to Aid Firearm Training For New Officers
It’s happened to us all: when we feel like we’re putting out fires in our...
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How to Address the Harmful Effects of Shift-Work on the Mental and Physical Health of Cops
There’s one major factor that many aren’t even aware of for all the mental...
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How Smart City Technologies Will Affect the Future of Policing
For law enforcement agencies to stay relevant, they must move with the...
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Should Police Officers Turn Off Their Body Cameras in Certain Situations?
From officer safety, to training, to de-escalating situations and increasing...
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Non-Compliance During Traffic Stops: The Main Concerns of Police Officers Regarding Their Safety
While traffic stops can seem like a fairly benign and routine part of a...
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Real-time operation centers: The next big deal for policing in the digital age
Effective surveillance can be a major challenge. The first hurdle lies...
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Are The Days of Residency Requirements For Police Over? Tennessee Might Just Be About to Ban it
For years there has been an ongoing debate in Tennessee over the requirement...
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Law Enforcement Officers Now Required to Record All Juvenile Interrogations
As of January 2022, House Bill 1223 will take effect, requiring...
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Tips For Designing Autonomous Law Enforcement Technology
It takes a lot of courage to work in law enforcement. It is a job where...
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