5 Vehicle Models Most Likely to Be Pulled Over for Speeding

As long as we have roadways and drivers, traffic violations will happen. An estimated 50,000 drivers are pulled over by law enforcement each day—about 20 million traffic stops annually. The causes of traffic stops range from expired plates to more serious infractions, such as distracted driving

One of the most dangerous driving behaviors that can lead to a motorist seeing flashing lights in the rearview mirror is speeding. Considering that speeding was a contributing factor in 29% of all traffic fatalities in 2021, subduing speeding drivers is a high priority for law enforcement.

Speeding Is Not a New Issue

Speeding has been an issue with drivers for more than 100 years. The first speeding infraction in the United States was cited in 1899 to a New York City taxicab driver named Jacob German. German was driving a fully-electric vehicle 12 miles per hour, a reckless and dangerous speed at that time. The speed limit for straight line driving was only eight miles per hour at the time, while the cornering had a speed limit of four miles per hour. German was actually arrested for breaking the speed limit.

For as long as vehicles have been capable of exceeding speed limits, drivers have been tempted to speed.

5 Car Models Most Often Pulled Over By Law Enforcement

We know it’s the driver that gets the ticket and not the car, but are there certain cars that are pulled over more often by law enforcement? Absolutely. And the top ticketed vehicles may surprise you. It’s not just expensive, flashy sports cars that have drivers pushing the speed limits.

One insurance company has statisticians compile data for nearly 400 vehicle models, each year to create lists that detail which are most often driven by the recipients of speeding tickets. The five vehicle models that most often appear on these lists ranked by likelihood of being pulled over are:

  • Subaru WRX: 49% more speeding tickets than the average
  • Kia Stinger: 43% more speeding tickets than the average
  • Mazda 3: 42% more speeding tickets than the average
  • Scion FR-S: 41% more speeding tickets than the average
  • Volkswagen GTI: 36% more speeding tickets than the average

According to Insurify, the reason for the increased likelihood of speeding tickets for these listed models is often due to a combination of a car model’s reputation for speed and the drivers they may attract. There are certainly models made specifically for speed and they will attract those drivers that enjoy life in the fast lane. Interestingly, the top spot on the list is for a Subaru, a model which is touted for safety. 

Another significant thing that these cars have in common is that they are more on the affordable side, with retail prices that are lower than the 2021 national average. Since they tend to cost less, that could simply mean there are more of them on the road, and more speeding motorists driving them.

While these observations and statistics are interesting, and may be helpful for insurance actuaries, they may not be entirely useful for law enforcement. The job of police officers in identifying and apprehending speeders is much more difficult and requires the right tools to back up their efforts.

Law Enforcement Tools for Identifying Speed Infractions

When it comes to tracking speeding vehicles to keep the roads safe, Kustom Signals is a leader in essential law enforcement tools. Our high-performance, handheld RADAR is a game-changer. 

Falcon HR K-Band Handheld RADAR makes it easy to track multiple targets at the same time via Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. The high-performance Falcon features include:

  • Kustom Signals directional K-band technology
  • Extended battery life compared to competitor’s RADAR
  • FCC type 15 K-band antennas approved for low power emissions
  • Displays fastest targets more quickly than other RADAR devices
  • Variety of available mounting options

Directional Talon Handheld RADAR is also equipped with DSP technology, which allows for additional integrated key features such as:

  • Ability to detect the fastest vehicle in all modes
  • Same direction with auto-add or subtract difference speed
  • Enhanced stationary modes make it easy to select types: approaching only, receding only, or all targets
  • TruTrak™ with AMS (Automatic Mode Switching)
  • Variety of available mounting options

Comprehensive DSP features make it easier for officers to seamlessly identify speeding vehicles and other infractions even in high-traffic environments. The Falcon and Talon have several interchangeable accessories, including chargers, cables, and battery handles.

Kustom Signals is a Trusted Partner for Dependable Law Enforcement Tools

Kustom Signals has a long-standing commitment to providing high-quality, state-of-the-art speed measuring equipment to the law enforcement community. Our team is here to answer questions about our Falcon HR and Talon directional handheld RADAR, and any of our other speed enforcement products. Contact us today.

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