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Body Camera Spotlight: State and Police Advocates of New Legislation & Programs
The use of body cameras by police have widely reported benefits and negatives,...
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Police Car Tech on the Rise: Sirens, Automation & Kia’s Concept Car
Innovations in modern police cruisers (and those of the future) play a...
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How Digitally Integrated Technology is Tackling Prison Crime
Almost 11 million people are held in penal institutions throughout the...
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How Amazon’s Ring is becoming Law Enforcement’s New ‘Video Surveillance Network’
The home security and smart home company, Ring Inc., is changing the face...
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The Pros and Cons of Police Body Worn Cameras (Infographic)
If you're responsible for purchasing within your law enforcement department,...
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Facial Recognition Used by Police: Public Opinion & Its Latest Uses
Facial recognition has now been deployed in agencies around the world but,...
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Domestic Violence: Tech Strategies to Reduce Reoffending & Protect Restraining Orders
Domestic violence carries a high rate of repeat offenders and, even though...
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The ‘Eyes’ of Tech Giants Helping Police to Identify & Solve Crime
Technology giants have become major actors in the world of law enforcement....
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Recent Biometric Advancements being used in Law Enforcement
Police biometrics is going through a rapid evolution of technology development,...
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Remembering 5 Law Enforcement Heroes of 9/11
Whilst unfortunately we cannot list every fallen hero here today, we would...
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