RADAR and Laser detectors have always been a nightmare for law enforcement agents. Speeders take advantage of these artifacts to outsmart officers and drive above the permitted limits. 

The first radar detector was invented by a disgruntled receiver of a speed ticket named Dale Smith, an electronic engineer. In 1968, he developed the Fuzzbuster, which became the most popular detector of its time. 

As detectors increased their popularity, so did police’s wit to be able to outsmart speeders. Many ideas were created and implemented through the years. Speed trailers, for instance, when placed carefully, are very efficient in deterring some drivers from speeding, as their current speed is displayed for all to see; therefore, common sense indicates that they would control themselves. 

There is, however, an ace under the sleeve, the Dash tracker. But before we dive into it, let’s briefly review the legality of their counterpart: RADAR detectors. 


RADAR detectors are generally legal in the US; they are intended for drivers to be mindful of their driving speed. Also, state laws vary from state to state, with Virginia being the only state where it is illegal. 

Furthermore, RADAR detectors are prohibited in all commercial vehicles, and all vehicles 18 000 pounds and heavier. They can also be obtrusive to the driver’s view and can be distracting, as they sometimes tend to pick up false alerts. For these reasons, mounting them on windshields is also banned from certain states like New Jersey, California, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

Opponents of this technology argue that detectors allow for dangerous and reckless driving, on top of overspending. Some say that drivers tend to follow speed limits and drive more carefully without a detector in their cars.  


police chase

A dash tracker is a discreet, subtle and straightforward system that mounts to your dash to supplement your Speed Enforcement Program. But what’s so special about it? The combination of stopwatch and calculator without RADAR or Laser makes it invisible to detectors…eh voilá! 

A few systems operate in this fashion out there, for instance, the TRACKER by Kustom Signals. This little box works by calculating a target’s speed as it covers a known distance through the time/distance computer built into it. Its size and simplicity is its most significant advantage. Measuring less than 6.5 inches, it can be mounted on almost any surface and even be used instead of a RADAR or LASER speed detectors. On top of this, it can be operated either in stationary mode or while your unit is moving. 

A system like the TRACKER has many advantages when on patrol. If you know that a particular road is known for being used by speeders with detectors to know your location, then the dash tracker can be your best weapon to catch them completely off guard. The job of a patrol officer can sometimes be challenging, so technology like this one can help overcome some of the frustrations tied to it. 

This article was brought to you by Kustom Signals, a leading provider of law enforcement speed enforcement and video solutions.

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