The Raptor RP-1: The Perfect RADAR For Police Motorcycles

With its compact size, directional capability, and reliable performance, Kustom Signals’ Raptor RP-1 is one of the most popular speed detection radars on the market.

Thanks to the wide available range of mounting kits and connections, this radar can easily be fitted to suit almost any vehicle. This adaptability and convenience, however, make this model particularly suited to officers on motorcycles.

This article will explore some of the key reasons why this radar is the perfect choice for officers on two wheels.

Outstanding Performance

Police Handheld Radar

One of the primary features that make the Raptor RP-1 such an attractive option for police officers is its unparalleled tracking ability; using the patented DuraTrak™ Target Tracking technology, this radar can quickly acquire targets from great distances. The DuraTrak target tracking bars next to the strongest and fastest targets add a level of target identification confidence not available in any competitive RADAR solution. Its TruTrak VSS interface, meanwhile, enables automated switching between moving and stationary modes while eliminating common RADAR anomalies like shadowing and combining.

In addition to this, the K-Band and KA-Band antenna is equipped with advanced directional capability. The three modes to choose from (All, Approaching Only, Receding Only) allow the user to effectively and precisely monitor traffic.

The unit is also equipped with Smart Patrol Search: this is a function that operates while the speedometer input is not connected, and works to reduce the issues of shadowing and patrol combining when coming out of hold mode.

Designed with the end-user in mind, the Raptor RP-1 is intuitive to operate and requires little user interaction. Officers can be safe in the knowledge that it will give them direct and accurate information during motorcycle patrols.

Mountable To A Range Of Motorcycles

At Kustom Signals, we know that functionality should be the heart of all our products, which is why this radar is designed for quick and easy installation onto a vast range of motorcycles. This includes all the most common police motorcycle brands.

Each of our mounts is specially designed to make the Raptor RP-1 as visible and accessible to officers as possible, while the accompanying antenna mounts are designed to fit easily and cleanly onto the motorcycle while effortlessly complementing the bike’s silhouette.

To see our full range of motorcycle mounts and check for compatibility with your department, please explore our mounting kits catalog.

Unbeatable Performance, Whatever The Weather


When exposed to the elements, having durable and reliable technology is essential; the Raptor RP-1 and its antenna are fully waterproof and will continue to perform at full functionality in wet or stormy weather. The hard plastic exterior provides protection during outdoor patrols and when traveling at high speeds.

The unit also features an LCD display providing added visibility at night, ideal for motorcycle officers patrolling in poorly lit areas who may not have the same quality of vision that officers in police cars might. Similarly, while officers in patrol cars can use the shade of their vehicle to avoid screen glare on sunny days, officers on bikes do not have this privilege. Here too is the LCD display, designed to be clearly visible even in direct sunlight, is indispensable.

Equipped For Roadside Citations

Kent police motorbikes

The Raptor RP-1 has an optional printer for roadside citations allowing officers on motorcycles to work independently without relying on patrol car units to print off tickets. Officers can thus collect data on speed violators, pull them over and deliver a citation in minutes, making the printer an invaluable tool for motorcycle patrols. The easy-to-use interface makes printing a speedy and straightforward task and allows officers to quickly return to their patrol after serving a citation.

The Raptor RP-1’s innovative software, durable design, and printer option all make this model an exceptionally reliable radar for officers on motorcycle patrols.

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