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What to Expect in a Speed Enforcement Program
The fact that speeding poses a huge threat to public safety is well documented....
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The Use Of Dashcams And Bodycams In Officer Training
In this article, we look at how law enforcement agencies are using footage...
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The Toughest Police Academies in the US
While there are around 18,000 separate police agencies in the USA, there...
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4 Of The Most Effective Martial Arts For Police Self-Defense
This article discusses why many officers take it upon themselves to also...
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Riot Police and Crowd Control: From Tactics To Equipment, Everything You Need To know
In this article, we discuss riot and crowd control tactics through the...
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The Latest Innovations in Police Training
Police officers in the USA are among the best trained in the world. But...
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How Police Departments Can Benefit From Better Mental Health Training
Each year, roughly 43 million adults experience a form of mental illness...
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How To Stay Safe During a Foot Pursuit
Far from the notion of headstrong officers bravely hunting down criminals...
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How Global Law Enforcement Agencies are using Robotic K9 Technology
Police agencies across the globe have officially started testing robot...
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4 Ways to Continue Law Enforcement Learning whilst Maintaining Social Distancing
As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to reduce the normal patterns...
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