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4 Ways Agencies Can Help with Police Staffing Issues 
The police staffing challenge has plagued agencies across the country for...
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How We All Can Prioritize Pedestrian Safety
Pedestrian deaths have increased by 60 percent over the last ten years....
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Why Quick Public Release of Police Camera Footage Is Important
The use of body worn cameras (BWC) by law enforcement officers has risen...
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The Power of AI in Police Body Worn Cameras & Back Office Capabilities
The power of AI was once a science fiction tale, theoretical and something...
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What Law Enforcement Can Do to Combat Drugged Driving
Drugged driving is a serious issue that affects public safety. The term...
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4 Ways to Protect Pedestrians with Safer Speeds
Pedestrian fatalities caused by vehicular accidents are at an all-time...
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What Is the National Roadway Safety Strategy?
The National Roadway Safety Strategy has been developed by the U.S. Department...
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Traffic Stops Play A Vital Role in Combating Human Trafficking
One of the primary ways police agencies serve and protect the community...
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Importance of Tuning Fork Tests to Verify RADAR Accuracy 
Since 1947, RADAR has been used by law enforcement to measure the speed...
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Pros & Cons of Electric Vehicles for Law Enforcement Agencies 
Gasoline prices haven’t been consistently under $2.00 a gallon since 2004....
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