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Big Tech's Relationship with Law Enforcement
The relationship between big tech and policing relationship can be a double-edged...
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What Law Enforcement Needs From Its Leadership
The past few years have really demonstrated that we’re living in a world...
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The Benefits of Covert Traffic Data Collection
One of the most important, and seldom recognized, tasks of most police...
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All You Need To Know About Ford’s Upcoming Police Cars
In the past ten to fifteen years we’ve seen electric car technology take...
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How The Michigan State Government Is Planning To Boost Its Police Forces
Since the pandemic started, Michigan has seen a notable rise in crime....
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How Police Departments Are Helping To Reduce Homelessness In California
One example of the police being on the front lines of serving their community...
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The Best Ever Police Chases Captured On Dashcam
There’s nothing quite like seeing footage of a police chase; all of the...
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Riot Police and Crowd Control: From Tactics To Equipment, Everything You Need To know
In this article, we discuss riot and crowd control tactics through the...
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Small Mistakes That Got Killers Caught
Due to the serious nature of their crimes, many serious killers are meticulous...
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How Police Solved The Biggest Diamond Heist In History – And Caught The Pensioners Who Masterminded
In this article, we explore the unusual story of what is possibly the biggest...
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