Top Features to Consider When Choosing a New Dashcam for Your Officers

A 2016 report by the United States Department of Justice found that over 69% of law enforcement agency vehicles have dash cams installed. It was considered an innovative tool, but it has become the norm. In the following years, technology has become more affordable than ever, while delivering superior reliability and higher resolution for users.

Why consider dash cams for law enforcement agency vehicles?

As an essential tool for driver training and video evidence gathering, dash cams must be part of the operational support law enforcement professionals need to justify their course of action in any given situation. The market offers many good options available, and below you will find the criteria necessary to make an educated decision.

In-Car Video System with Crystal Clear Quality

Dashcam technology: Evolution that renders affordability

Back in the day, car video cameras were mere hard-drive repositories of video footage, inefficient and unreliable at times when needed. Dash cam technology has evolved dramatically over the past decade. Hardware now has a system of interconnected devices, combining multiple cameras and audio recording terminals. Software optimization renders higher resolution than ever at lighter compression formats, allowing faster video file sharing.

Two digital computer screens with surveillance CCTV video in a port monitoring center with multiple cameras on a large digital screen.

What features are non-negotiable when choosing dash cam solutions for police cars?

After reviewing many options available and considering the specific features that security agencies require from dash cam solutions, the following is a checklist that will help you make an educated purchase when implementing the technology for your vehicle or fleet.

HD video resolution: Not all cameras within a dash cam system might record in full HD resolution. Most of the time, front and rear cameras should provide the best image quality available since they will capture most of the action surrounding your vehicle. The interior camera doesn’t need the best resolution since it captures closer subjects.

Field of view: Wide-angle lenses are the way to capture wider surroundings and gather as much detail as possible. 

Audio recording: Make sure your dash cam system includes microphones or is compatible with peripheral recording terminals that can be controlled from within and outside the vehicle.

Easy Interaction: Look for devices with a clean interface that is always ready to capture evidence; also evaluate the accessibility to review video footage at the patrol car immediately after capture.

Base your decision on your fleet needs

As many options available in the market will surface, we often evaluate thinking on single-vehicle usage. Still, the right decision is for a fleet to work under one system in most cases. So try to look for the best option that suits your checklist while keeping an affordable investment when upgrading your vehicles.

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