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Patent Pending Features Added to our Most Popular Products

Patent Pending Features Added to our Most Popular Products

Posted: Thursday - 10.15.2015 @ 11:25am

LaserCam 4: The new feature set of the LaserCam 4 includes:

  • Multiple speed limit support to enforce different vehicle classes and different approaching and receding target speed limits
  • Video and new customizable Photo Mode for flexible and efficient evidence management
  • Wi-Fi file transfer
  • AES 256 encryption for added security
  • IR emitter for superior night-time video or image capture
  • Upgrade to 64 GB video memory for 33+ hours of continuous video

ProLaser 4: The new features include:

  • TimeTrak HUD indicator enhances target tracking history
  • Certification warning and optional expiration lockout assists departments with certification management
  • Bluetooth handle option that can be paired with a portable hip printer to wirelessly print citations
  • 3x HUD magnification assists the user with acquiring targets at greater ranges before they are seen by the violator
  • Count-up timer shows the elapsed time since the target speed was locked
  • Recall Events will store only selected measurements

Raptor: The new features include:

  • Assisted fork test procedures gets you operational faster
  • Printer for roadside citations
  • Certification warning and expiration lockout assists with certifications management

Stop by our booth at IACP, #4042, for a demonstration!