Kustom Signals Celebrates 50 Years in Chanute, Kansas

Kustom Signals, Inc. is Chanute born and bred.  In 1965, Kustom began making audio amplifiers and has since become a leading global supplier of products that protect both the public and law enforcement officers.  Kustom is celebrating its 50th year which recently culminated on October 8th with a day of factory tours, dinner at The Venue on Main Street, and a night of casino games (no cash allowed).  Speaking at the celebration were Betsy Reynolds, President of the Chanute Chamber of Commerce; Tim Fairchild, Chanute’s Mayor; Jeff King, Kansas State Senator for the 15th Senate District; and Gary Braswell, Chairman of MPD, Inc. which is the parent of Kustom Signals.

Kustom designs and manufactures traffic safety equipment which is sold around the world.  These product classes include police radars and lasers, laser-based video recorders that provide irrefutable evidence of various infractions while recording speed violations, traffic calming radar signs & trailers, body worn cameras and in-car video systems that record traffic stops and events.  “Kustom Signals is proud of its Kansas roots and the fact that we make so many great products right here in Chanute.  Our Kansas engineers design sophisticated systems that function in tough, real-world conditions without fail, supporting the police officer so they can concentrate on public safety.” said Fred Perry, President of Kustom Signals.  “We are introducing two new next generation HD video recording systems this month, one to be worn by the officer, and one for the patrol car that records images from up to four vehicle-mounted cameras.   Combined, these two systems provide a complete picture of events that occur during traffic stops.”

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