Kustom Signals 2023 Year In Review

2024 is off to a great start for Kustom Signals and, like last year, it is looking to be another great year of innovation and achievements. As we anticipate this year’s new developments, let’s take a quick look back at some of our most significant highlights from 2023.

Argus Joins the Kustom Signals Product Line

Argus Body Worn Camera technology led the way as our first innovation in the Argus platform. This BWC features AI-powered voice activation to help keep officers safe by recognizing common phrases and automatically activating to capture footage. It comes programmed with pre-recorded phrases that have been trained using artificial intelligence. Agencies can also submit phrases for Argus to learn.

Argus In-Car Video features a HD dual view camera that captures both wide angle and telephoto views simultaneously in 1080p. Officers can review and classify footage on Argus ICV’s Android-powered tablet. Argus ICV can be paired with Argus BWC to enable bi-directional activation, and can also be used with Kustom Signals Eagle 3 or Raptor RP-1 to initiate a recording when a user-configured target speed threshold is met during speed enforcement operations.

Argus Data Vault (ADV) and the Argus Insight companion mobile app are invaluable video evidence management tools in the Argus suite of products. ADV combines the power of an easy-to-use back office system with smart fleet management tools to assist agencies and officers. Easily retrieve footage for investigations, court proceedings, and internal reviews, ensuring a secure chain of custody and focused collaboration.

Argus technologies allow agencies unprecedented real-time insights with the ability to livestream from Argus Body Worn Camera and Argus In Car Video directly into Argus Data Vault.

IACP booth

IACP Annual Conference in San Diego, California

Together with our parent company, MPD, Inc., Kustom Signals participated in the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Annual Conference and Exposition, the largest and most important law enforcement event of the year. The 2023 IACP conference took place in San Diego, California, October 14–17, bringing together policing leaders from around the globe for four days of education and networking.

Autonomous VMS Trailers

Kustom Signals added autonomous technology to our product line with autonomous Variable Message Sign trailers. These message trailers are designed to use solar technology to keep them powered, with a battery onboard to provide fail-safe backup power. They can be deployed to communicate important messages to a community or to display RADAR speeds to warn motorists to observe speed limits.

Website Developments

In 2023 Kustom Signals was proud to launch a Spanish version of our website, enabling us to serve a broader and more diverse market. We also added speed and video engineering resources to our online assistance resources collection. Lastly, we revamped our navigation and site design to boost our website usability for our visitors. 

Look for More Exciting Developments from Kustom Signals in 2024

Kustom Signals is here with the industry-leading innovation you need for your agency to stay at the forefront of law enforcement technologies. Contact us today with any questions about our technologically advanced equipment designed to take your law enforcement agency into the future and beyond.

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